A handyman’s guide planning a tile installation

Tiles are a great option for South African homes. As a handyman in Johannesburg, I’ve seen numerous homeowners give their homes a facelift and increase the resale value of their homes simply by installing tiles. Not only are tiles low maintenance, but they look great and are a welcome cool addition to an interior in the warmer summer months. Here’s a quick guide to make the laborious task a bit easier:

Determine what you want

Browsing Pinterest and design magazines is great, but your best bet is to visit a tile supplier to see the tiles in real life. Consider how the design will match your current interiors and keep in mind that flooring is a long-term investment, so stick with something classic.

Plan the design

If you’re going to use the same tile throughout a room or space, then you don’t need to spend too much time planning. If, however, you want to mix it up with different patterns, then plan the tile sequence so that what you have in mind can easily be laid down on the floor.

Take measurements

Make sure you buy enough tiles by carefully measuring the space that you plan to tile. There are many online calculators that you can use to determine how many tiles that you buy. One of the reasons that you want to get this right is because different batches of tiles can vary in tile shades, so rather buy a bit too much than too little.

Now that you’ve got all the planning done, it’s time to install the tiles. If you need help, contact Showroom Condition for handyman services in Johannesburg.

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