About Showroom Condition

My name is Nick da Silva and as the owner and manager of Showroom Condition, I’m striving to become the number one handyman service provider in Gauteng.

I’ve always been a “Mr Fix-It”, but in 2011 I decided to take my skills, know-how and knack at repairing anything from door handles to geysers to the next level by starting Showroom Condition.  Showroom condition owner Nick da Silva

Since the company’s inception, we’ve been lucky enough to be referred by many of our clients in and around Gauteng, leading to a constant stream of new business (for which we are very grateful).

I’ve been privileged enough to work on some exceptional projects and make quite a few friends and connections along the way.

As a company, we’ve built a reputation for providing a professional, friendly and top quality service.

My team of pavers, builders and painters are some of the best in the industry and we’ve really started to work like a well-oiled machine, helping us to produce amazing results for people’s number one asset – their homes.

As an owner managed and operated company, I’m involved in each and every project. I’ll be coming to assess your home, give you a quote and I will be on site throughout the repair job, renovation or expansion. Trust Showroom Condition to keep your home in mint condition!

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