Common DIY House Painting Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

One would think that painting your house is a rather simple chore: you buy a paint brush and a couple of cans of paint and “VOILA”! In a couple of hours, your home will be looking great! However, in most instances, this isn’t the case. Let’s look at some of the most commonly made DIY house painting mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

  • Buying Cheap Brushes and Rollers

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference a good quality paint brush or roller can make – and how big of a mess a cheaper alternative can lead to! Just like the paint, this isn’t something that you want to skimp on. Spend a little bit extra if you can. You’ll be very glad you did.

  • Not Sanding the Walls

Sanding the walls is imperative if you want them smooth and even. It also ensures a better and easier paint coverage. If the walls had originally been covered in a high gloss paint, sanding should always be a priority.

  • Not Using Primer 

If you think that primer is an unnecessary waste of money, think again! Primer ensures that your paint adheres to the walls. It warrants a much longer lifespan.

  • Forgetting to Protect the Floors and Cornices

It doesn’t matter how much of a whizz you are with that paint brush, using some masking tape to seal off the cornices and skirting boards, as well as a few pieces of plastic for the floor, will always pay off! Little accidents and small drips happen. If you have neglected to take precautions, it could lead to disaster.

At the end of the day, the one sure-fire way in which to avoid these house-painting mistakes is to hire a painting professional. That’s where Showroom Condition comes in! We specialise in everything from house painting in Johannesburg to waterproofing and everything in between. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you!

House Painting

Colours add a significant appeal to your house’s outlook. House painting should not be a drab experience, after all you are deciding to add some colour to your life. When deciding which colours to apply to all the different rooms, consider the following elements in your selection:

  • Front Door & Foyer

Your front door is really the entry point for people into your world. Choose a colour that is welcoming.  You can decide to use bold welcoming colours such as yellow, blue or red.

The foyer is the first place your guests enter into and “first impressions count”. Consider using bright and inviting colours that make your visitors really feel at home. Colours have a large influence on people’s moods and the right colours will ensure your guests are in a jovial mood.

  • Kitchen

White is the traditional ‘default’ colour that people tend to select for their kitchens because it gives an impression of cleanliness. However, a pretty kitchen doesn’t always need to be white. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, your house painting of the kitchen can be done with hearty colours. If you are really set on white, don’t miss the subtleties of alabaster, cream and everything in between.

  • Dining room

Despite the formality often associated with dining rooms there is also the congenial atmosphere which is embodied in these rooms. During your house paining you can use a broad spectrum of colours to liven up your rooms.

  • Bedrooms

Your bedroom is a private space where you go to unwind, rest, relax and just be yourself. As you do decide on the house painting of each room, be guided by the colours that the occupants like and that reflect their personality.

Our company is able to assist you with your house painting needs. If you would like us to assist with this process, get in touch with Showroom Condition.

Five differences between interior and exterior house painting to remember

House painting is not as easy as some people may think. Painting the exterior and interiors of your home is quite different and requires different techniques and equipment. As with many home maintenance projects, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional to ensure you are doing a proper job. Read on to find out more about house painting.

  1. Interiors and exteriors require different types of paint
    Exterior paints are designed to withstand the elements. This means keeping their pigments under the heat of the sun, or staying in good condition despite things like the rain and varying temperatures. Interior paint needs to be easy to clean and contain lower levels of chemicals that can be harmful in high levels. Always ensure you choose the correct paint.
  2. Painting techniques are different
    Think about all the different ways in which paint can be applied. There are different techniques for the inside and the outside of your home. Ensure you are using techniques that are appropriate.
  3. Painting schedules differ
    The outside of your home can be painted about every five years, depending on the weather conditions and the quality of the previous paint job. Inside your home, you should re-paint when the paint starts to peel or cracks too much. Peeling can take decades to occur, while cracks happen as the house settles. Most people re-paint when re-decorating a room and that may happen every few years at least.
  4. Different painting requires different equipment
    Rollers and ladders are a given, but depending on what you’re painting you may need different equipment. Different painting techniques may also need specialised equipment An experienced painter will know exactly what is required.
  5. Different plaster is used inside and outside
    Many homeowners use stucco on the exterior of their homes. This is a specific type of plaster and needs to be painted with a special type of paint. Using the wrong paint can spell disaster as you cannot simply remove the paint afterwards. Be sure to do your research before starting.

These differences may seem minor, but they could cost you a lot of money when they are not taken into consideration. At Showroom Condition, we are painting professionals and can assist you in painting your home the correct way, inside and out. Contact us to find out more about the services we have on offer.

Five tips when it comes to painting your roof

The roof of a house should not be underestimated. Not only does it keep the elements out, but it can also transform the look of a house, where a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to give your house a facelift. Showroom Condition, a Johannesburg based company specialising in handyman services including house painting, is the ideal partner to look after all your painting needs. When painting your roof, there are a number of important issues to consider and so we would like to offer you a few words of advice.

Top tips for roof painting

  • Consider the material and surface of your roof. When deciding to paint a roof, the surface matters. For instance, corrugated iron roofs can be simple to paint, but are also more likely to rust and thus require maintenance and touch ups.
  • Choose your paint wisely. While the colour of your roof is certainly a consideration, where the colour chosen should complement your walls, while not being overly bright, the type of paint used is also essential. For example, the paint selected should be UV resistant so as to endure the elements.
  • Ensure that your roof is ready to paint. This implies that the surface should be cleaned and free of dirt and dust, repaired where there might be damage, such as rust or mold, and waterproofed.
  • Consider the weather. Remember that the weather can affect your paint job, where heavy rainfall on wet paint will spoil the job, while hot temperatures and direct sunlight can dry paint before it has adhered to the surface sufficiently.
  • Remember your footprints! When painting a roof, it is important to know how you plan to get off the roof without leaving a trail.

Painting a roof can be tricky and that is why we, at Showroom Condition, are dedicated to making sure that your painting hassles are a thing of the past. If you are looking to paint your roof or any other aspect of your house, Showroom Condition offers the best in house painting services. For more information, or to find out about our other handyman services, such as fitting shelves and replacing broken windows, get in touch with us today.

Choosing your dream paint colour

So you have decided to paint the interior of your house. Now what? One of the first considerations, of course, is deciding on a colour. While interior decorating advice is abundant, choosing the perfect colour for your house can be a tough decision. At Showroom Condition, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer you the best in handyman services in Johannesburg, where one of our areas of expertise is house painting. When you partner with Showroom Condition to paint your house, we promise to be with you every step of the way, starting with some advice on choosing the best colour for the interior of your house.

Tips for choosing the best paint colour for your house

  • Be wary of choosing overly bright colours, as they might prove overpowering on your walls. If you do decide on a bright colour, consider your furnishings. If these are neutral, a bright colour could work well in a room. There is also the option to paint one wall of a room in a bright colour, while choosing more neutral hues for the remaining walls.
  • Consider the overall picture. The interior of a house should flow from room to room, implying that the paint chosen for each room should complement the rooms on either side.
  • Look at the trends. Painting trends can certainly be useful in terms of finding ideas and inspiration for your house, yet guard against doing what is too popular, so as to stand out. Remember that trends come and go and you need to be happy with the final product for years to come.
  • Remember the importance of lighting. Natural light, such as that streaming in from windows, implies that strong colours might be overwhelming beside a large window. Consider where your windows are placed when it comes to choosing the right colour for your walls.

At Showroom Condition, as experts in the field of house painting services, we guarantee to take care of all your painting needs. If you are considering painting your house, be it interior or exterior painting, Showroom Condition is the perfect partner for the job. For more information on our painting services, or to find out about our wide range of handyman services, contact us today.

Tips for house painting in the summer

House painting is one of my favourite jobs – not because it’s easy or quick to do, but because the effect of the improvement is noticeable immediately. January is a popular time to upgrade homes seeing as many people are still on holiday (and the New Year generally instils in us a need to revamp, revitalise and upgrade our surroundings).

January, however, can be one of the hottest months in Gauteng. If you’re embarking on a house painting job this month then there are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose proper paint

I know the age-old tip of “choose high quality paint” has been blogged about over and over again, but it’s worth repeating. Low quality paint can dry too quickly during the heat and this can leave lap marks on your wall. Your new paint job will be spoiled if there are noticeable dark and light patches overlapping each other, so make sure you ask your paint supplier about this when choosing an exterior house paint for your home.

Don’t paint on super sunny days

Painting when the sun is out makes sense to the layman, but if you’ve painted a few homes you will know that very high temperatures and direct sunlight can cause the paint to dry before it has properly adhered to the wall. These adhesion issues cause paint to peel and it can also leave noticeable brush marks.

Prepare yourself and your team

Make sure everyone has sunscreen, a hat and stays hydrated throughout the day.

House painting is a big job. If you don’t feel like taking on this mammoth task yourself, then contact Showroom Condition to come and paint your house for you.

Five Common House Painting Mistakes

House painting can be a huge undertaking but can done successfully with the right advice and guidance. Here are five common house painting mistakes made:

  1. Choosing the wrong colour – This is one of the biggest house painting mistakes that people make. There are a number of considerations when choosing the right colour for your home. One such example, is the natural and artificial lighting of your home. Test colours on your walls to get an idea of how lighting can change the colour you intend to use.
  1. Making simple mistakes – This happens all too often, forgetting to replace the lid on the paint can which results in a big mess, or not cleaning paint brushed directly after use are some examples of making simple, yet costly mistakes.
  1. Over-brushing – Woodwork, doors and cabinets often achieve the smoothest finish if you do not over-brush the area. Simply stroke your coat of paint and follow with one or two light strokes to finish off. Often over-brushing, especially when the paint has started to dry, leaves an uneven finish.
  1. Painting over glossy finishes – If you paint over a glossy or varnish surface your paint will cannot effectively stick to the surface. You can either sand over the surface, or as a time-saver option, you can opt for a liquid de-glosser.
  1. Painting in low light – Dim light does not work well for interior house painting. It might appear fine at first glance but once you draw the curtains or switch on artificial lighting, you will clearly see the imperfections.

By avoiding the above five common house painting mistakes, you can make any DIY painting job, a successful one.

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Go Green and Save Money

Home painting services that offer ‘going green’ alternatives are fast becoming the preferred choice for all types of home services. Not only do you get to enjoy the latest technology, but this may save you a ton of money in the long run. Eco-friendly options for electricity supply are the future and definitely a fantastic investment for any home owner.

By incorporating green technology such as energy efficient light bulbs and ceiling insulation for example, you will immediately start saving on your household’s energy consumption. By doing so you are not only saving money and making a great investment but you are also doing you part for the environment. 

How Showroom Condition help you with going green

Geyser insulation

Geysers are one of the energy consumable items that consume the most energy and results in high electricity bills at the end of every month. Geyser insulation is a low-cost green solution that will save a substantial amount on your monthly electricity bills. It is a simple method of insulating a few metres of your hot water piping as well as your geyser which retains the heat for longer, ensuring you save money.

Timer switches

You can save money by turning off you geyser. However the truth is most of us forget to do so and it becomes a futile exercise. Timer switches can do the job for you and are yet another great cost saver.

Ceiling insulation

Winter is fast approaching and heating your home can cost a fortune. Ceiling insulation eliminates heat loss and a large sum of electricity expenses as well.

Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters do require a capital investment but the rewards will soon start paying off. It usually pays for itself within three to five years and is genuinely a great investment for going green. You can save a massive 70% on your water heating electricity bill by choosing solar water heaters as an investment for your home.

Contact us to find out more about saving energy with our green solutions.

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Home painting services have become even better

Home painting services have grown in leaps and bounds through the years. These days you can rest assured that there are actually professional painting companies who are willing to help you. The best people to team up with are those who can offer you more than one service. What better than to have a one stop shop when making your home look great. This is where Showroom Condition comes in to steal the show.

Services offered by Showroom Condition  

We have a number of things we can help you accomplish when it comes to revamping and maintaining the appearance of your home. Our team is efficient and you can rest assured that every single job is executed with excellence.

House painting services. We offer a vast array of different house painting services and can work on the following:

  • Indoor and outdoor painting
  • Natural cement painting – earth-coating specialists
  • Windows and doors – timber frame maintenance
  • Colour washing and painting techniques
  • Start to finish roof painting
  • Steel and metal house painting

Maintenance contracts. If you need assistance in maintaining your home, do not waste your weekends at a hardware store. Let Showroom Condition take over this burden with a maintenance contract.

Handyman. Even when dad swears he can do it himself, we all know that more times than not the problem will only get worse if we let him. Therefore let our team come and take the pressure off you and your family and be handy around your house.

Waterproofing. With the South African thunderstorms, a little waterproofing can prove to be a very good idea. Our team is able to come and make sure your home will not spring any unsuspected leaks throughout the rainy season.

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As our name suggests, we will ensure your house is always in tiptop condition. Contact us today and we will answer any query you may have.

How to work house painting into you budget effectively

House painting can work out to be a rather costly affair. People can either buy too much, or too little paint to complete the entire job at hand. On top of that the job can often be strenuous on a family if they are not 100% certain as to which colour they want. People also tend to procrastinate when it comes to actually doing the deed, waiting for the ‘perfect weekend’ to come their way. Well, the perfect weekend will never come unless you make it. So why not, instead of stressing you and your family out by painting it yourself, outsource to a highly efficient and well-trained team of professionals?

How Showroom Condition can help you today

We at Showroom Condition have literally painted every sort of home imaginable. But just for reference sake, here are buildings we can help you paint:

  • Houses
  • Townhouses
  • Complexes
  • Duplexes
  • Flats

As you can see, if it has four walls and a roof, we can make a plan to paint it for you. But how do you know you can trust us? We will come and evaluate your house before the job commences and issue a quote so you can see the figures before committing.

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We are a team of skilled painting experts who will settle for nothing but the best job for your home. We will guide you through the different aspects of painting your home and offer our advice where we can. You will be able to rest assured that your home will be in immaculate condition in next to no time. Contact us today for any queries and let us make your paint job an absolute dream.