Choosing your dream paint colour

So you have decided to paint the interior of your house. Now what? One of the first considerations, of course, is deciding on a colour. While interior decorating advice is abundant, choosing the perfect colour for your house can be a tough decision. At Showroom Condition, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer you the best in handyman services in Johannesburg, where one of our areas of expertise is house painting. When you partner with Showroom Condition to paint your house, we promise to be with you every step of the way, starting with some advice on choosing the best colour for the interior of your house.

Tips for choosing the best paint colour for your house

  • Be wary of choosing overly bright colours, as they might prove overpowering on your walls. If you do decide on a bright colour, consider your furnishings. If these are neutral, a bright colour could work well in a room. There is also the option to paint one wall of a room in a bright colour, while choosing more neutral hues for the remaining walls.
  • Consider the overall picture. The interior of a house should flow from room to room, implying that the paint chosen for each room should complement the rooms on either side.
  • Look at the trends. Painting trends can certainly be useful in terms of finding ideas and inspiration for your house, yet guard against doing what is too popular, so as to stand out. Remember that trends come and go and you need to be happy with the final product for years to come.
  • Remember the importance of lighting. Natural light, such as that streaming in from windows, implies that strong colours might be overwhelming beside a large window. Consider where your windows are placed when it comes to choosing the right colour for your walls.

At Showroom Condition, as experts in the field of house painting services, we guarantee to take care of all your painting needs. If you are considering painting your house, be it interior or exterior painting, Showroom Condition is the perfect partner for the job. For more information on our painting services, or to find out about our wide range of handyman services, contact us today.

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