DIY Thermostat Upgrading

A Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to regulate and track temperatures in your home remotely. These devices are becoming essential in every home. If you are considering upgrading to one, you should consider using handyman services or you could do it yourself. If you choose the latter, you need to understand a few basics.

The first step is to ensure you know the type of system suitable for your home. Next shop for the suitable thermostat; there is a variety available on the market and you can buy online or in your home shopping centre.

Secondly, test your Wi-Fi signal to ensure it is strong enough for your Wi-Fi thermostat. This you can do by standing next to the existing thermostat and streaming a video on your laptop. Smooth streaming will mean the signal is strong enough. Finally, you can now wire the thermostat.

The Wi-Fi thermostat works only if your wiring system is an 18-gauge wire, low voltage system. Otherwise, if it is a 220 volt system with two wires, you will need to do a fresh installation as it will not compatible with the Wi-Fi thermostat. This will require professional rewiring.

Identify the wire attached to the “C” terminal. If none exists, you can either purchase a “no C wire required” thermostat or install a wiring adapter.

Ensure the power is off and double check wiring before powering up again. Otherwise, you could burn the transformer or blow up the circuit board.

Doing it yourself is a considerable task however, if you are not sure of what you are doing, you could end up incurring more costs than you saved. If you need any assistance, you can contact Handyman services.

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