DIY Tips for Home Maintenance

It’s a lot easier to just call a professional to come and fix any home maintenance problems in your home. Whether you do it yourself or you call the pros, it helps to have knowledge of what really goes on. Below, we share some tips you may find useful especially if you decide to do your own home maintenance.

1. Leaky Toilets

To determine whether your toilet tank is leaking, add some red food colouring to the water in the tank. Come back in about an hour and see if the water in the bowl is pink. If it is, you have a leak. Replace the flapper on the overflow tube.

2. Leaky Faucets

Faucets often leak because of worn out washers. Turn off the main water supply, replace the worn out rubber washer with a new one and screw back into place.

3. Leaky Washing Machine & Dryer Hoses

Inspect washing machine water supply and drain lines for discoloration or rust and replace them immediately if you find evidence of leaking. Inspect at least once every year and replace them every three years if they are plastic.

Professionals, such as Showroom Condition in Gauteng, can help you with tips and ideas or better still do the job for you. Contact us today for all your home maintenance needs.

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