Five Common House Painting Mistakes

House painting can be a huge undertaking but can done successfully with the right advice and guidance. Here are five common house painting mistakes made:

  1. Choosing the wrong colour – This is one of the biggest house painting mistakes that people make. There are a number of considerations when choosing the right colour for your home. One such example, is the natural and artificial lighting of your home. Test colours on your walls to get an idea of how lighting can change the colour you intend to use.
  1. Making simple mistakes – This happens all too often, forgetting to replace the lid on the paint can which results in a big mess, or not cleaning paint brushed directly after use are some examples of making simple, yet costly mistakes.
  1. Over-brushing – Woodwork, doors and cabinets often achieve the smoothest finish if you do not over-brush the area. Simply stroke your coat of paint and follow with one or two light strokes to finish off. Often over-brushing, especially when the paint has started to dry, leaves an uneven finish.
  1. Painting over glossy finishes – If you paint over a glossy or varnish surface your paint will cannot effectively stick to the surface. You can either sand over the surface, or as a time-saver option, you can opt for a liquid de-glosser.
  1. Painting in low light – Dim light does not work well for interior house painting. It might appear fine at first glance but once you draw the curtains or switch on artificial lighting, you will clearly see the imperfections.

By avoiding the above five common house painting mistakes, you can make any DIY painting job, a successful one.

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