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Home painting services that offer ‘going green’ alternatives are fast becoming the preferred choice for all types of home services. Not only do you get to enjoy the latest technology, but this may save you a ton of money in the long run. Eco-friendly options for electricity supply are the future and definitely a fantastic investment for any home owner.

By incorporating green technology such as energy efficient light bulbs and ceiling insulation for example, you will immediately start saving on your household’s energy consumption. By doing so you are not only saving money and making a great investment but you are also doing you part for the environment. 

How Showroom Condition help you with going green

Geyser insulation

Geysers are one of the energy consumable items that consume the most energy and results in high electricity bills at the end of every month. Geyser insulation is a low-cost green solution that will save a substantial amount on your monthly electricity bills. It is a simple method of insulating a few metres of your hot water piping as well as your geyser which retains the heat for longer, ensuring you save money.

Timer switches

You can save money by turning off you geyser. However the truth is most of us forget to do so and it becomes a futile exercise. Timer switches can do the job for you and are yet another great cost saver.

Ceiling insulation

Winter is fast approaching and heating your home can cost a fortune. Ceiling insulation eliminates heat loss and a large sum of electricity expenses as well.

Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters do require a capital investment but the rewards will soon start paying off. It usually pays for itself within three to five years and is genuinely a great investment for going green. You can save a massive 70% on your water heating electricity bill by choosing solar water heaters as an investment for your home.

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