Handyman services for your Festive Season tasks

The festive season is around the corner and the ideas for decorating are simply endless. Until the realisation of the actual task ahead kicks in. Who will be brave enough to attempt putting up the lighting along the driveway and your brand new Christmas lights that are to be fitted around an old tree and around the roofing of your home?

Handyman services provided by companies such as Showroom Condition is the perfect solution for all your festive seasons tasks that lay ahead.

You will find various services such as: 

  • Fitments of all sorts – Whether it is fitting a plasma screen TV or pictures, frames, doors and more, you will find handyman services here.
  • Assembling of furniture – Flat pack furniture assembling services are on offer.
  • Moving of heavy furniture – Another standard handyman service.
  • Installing fire alarms – Installations of all kinds of standard equipment are available.
  • Boxing in pipe work – It allows for a more pleasing look of your home.
  • General repairs – Maintenance work around the house is important to your investment, handyman services are a way to protect your most important investment, your home.

No matter what Handyman services you require, Showroom Condition provides customers with these services. It is the perfect solution to all you need done around the house.

Give us a Call for Handyman services druing the Festive Season

Showroom Condition offer comprehensive handyman services and will be more than happy to help you will all your festive season, heavy-duty decorating requirements.

Contact us Showroom Condition for handyman services in Gauteng.

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