Handyman tips: How to remove tiles

As a handyman in Gauteng, we often get asked about DIY work that people can take care of themselves at home. Removing tiles can be a bit of a hassle, but if this is something that you want to do yourself then this post is for you. 

The first step is to prepare yourself for the job. You will need a hammer and a screwdriver to remove the tiles and you will also need a bag or bucket where you will put the pieces of tiles. If you place the screwdriver behind the tile, between the wall and the piece of tile, you will be able to gently lift the corners from the wall by using the hammer to force the screwdriver in-between the two sections. Once you feel that the tile is coming loose, put down the screwdriver and the hammer and use your hands to remove the tile from the wall.

You will notice that a lot of the glue and adhesion materials will remain stuck against the wall along with bits and pieces of tile. These are to be fully removed later, but you should firstly focus on removing the largest sections of the tile where possible. Place the pieces of tile into the bucket or the rubble bag on the floor.

When knocking the screwdriver into the sections between the wall and the tile, be careful to not chisel into the white lines or else you will be removing the pieces of plastic instead of the tile.

Removing tiles and leaving the wall or floor with a smooth finish is quite a time-consuming and labour intensive process. If you want the pros to come and take care of the job for you, then contact our handyman in Gauteng today.

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