Handyman tips: mounting a flat screen TV

As a handyman, I often get tasked with mounting televisions for people. Wall mounting is one of the best options for flat screen televisions, and the process of getting it on the wall is quite easy if you’ve got the know-how and equipment. Here’s a quick guide:


  1. Attach the brackets to the back of the flat screen television
    Most flat screen TV’s come with brackets, so your first step is to find the brackets in the box or packaging and attach them to the back of the television. There are usually three or four holes that the brackets slot into. Use the little screws to make sure it’s fastened correctly.


  1. Mark the right area on the wall
    Test the right height and location of the television for your own comfort. Consider how you usually sit on your couch and what the best spot would be for everyone watching television in the room. Mark the wall when you find the right spot.


  1. Determine the correct measurements
    This is the tricky part. Minimise unnecessary wall drilling by attaching the wall plate to the television and measuring the right distance between the screws. Use a level to make sure the measurements are correct.


  1. Drill and screw
    After you’ve got the right position and measurements, drill the holes for your wall plate screws.


  1. Mount your television
    Check that your wall plates and brackets are 100% sturdy and mount the television onto the wall. Make sure that it can handle the weight of the television before you let go.

If you’re not comfortable mounting your flat screen television to the wall yourself, then you can contact us for handyman services in Johannesburg – we’re happy to help.

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