The handyman’s quick guide for home owners

Home maintenance might be a handyman’s Saturday morning treat but for most people it’s a drag. It’s difficult to know where to start sometimes. I’m going to highlight some of the most important and common home maintenance concerns with tips on how to deal with them.

Home maintenance tips and ideas

Leaking taps are usually easily fixed by turning off the mains and replacing a washer. Be proactive with leaky taps as the drips add up on your water bill. Leaking toilets and washing machine supply hoses can cause serious water damage to floors. Check you toilet for leaks by putting food colouring into the cistern and ensuring that the water in the bowl does not change colour.

Remove hair from the shower drain every couple days or use a strainer in the plug hole to avoiding having to call the plumber weeks on. Avoid pouring oil down the drain in the kitchen sink.

Touching up paint work is a lot easier if you label all your paint tins with the name of the room where that colour has been used. Years after painting your kitchen zesty lime it will be much easier to search for the ‘Kitchen’ paint tin in the garage than to try to mix a matching colour or to repaint from scratch.

In spring it is a good idea to do an inspection of the roof and gutters and replace any rusty or damaged bits before they start to leak. Gutters should be cleaned at least annually. Autumn is a good time to check doors and windows to ensure there won’t be any sneaky drafts bothering you in the winter.

The most important rule of thumb for home maintenance is to be proactive. Never leave problems to fester and call in help whenever a job is out of your league!

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