Home Maintenance in Gauteng equals ongoing House-Health

How often do we browse the newspaper property section and come across ads with those telltale phrases, “Renovator’s Dream” or “Needs TLC”, which essentially means a lot of home maintenance is necessary?  For home-buyers, this usually suggests a bargain price, but for sellers it can represent a considerable (and avoidable) loss.

We all know that owning a house or apartment (whether it’s your primary residence, or occupied by tenants) involves far more than just paying rates and services.

Home maintenance is key!  It’s easy to let things slide, until, little by little, that once-pristine property ends up looking shabby and dilapidated, thereby drastically devaluing a major asset.

Without the necessary upkeep and care, a house becomes run-down – rather like a human body! In fact, home maintenance is much like a regular medical check-up, which assesses your overall condition to detect deterioration and ensure continuing house-health:

Quick DIY Home Health-Check

  • The “bones”, or “skeleton”: The vital core of every dwelling is a solid foundation, with sound external walls and roofing.  Apart from being dangerous, obvious structural flaws and dilapidated roofs are immediately detectable signs of neglect, which will seriously decrease the value of your investment.
  • The “muscle”: Cracked internal walls and uneven or sagging floors deteriorate over time, and are off-putting to potential buyers.
  • The “skin”: Many homeowners regard the painting and plastering of their homes as merely cosmetic, but apart from offering protection against the elements, dingy, flaking walls make a negative statement about your home.  (Remember, people buy with their eyes!)
  • The “eyes”: Windows and doors aren’t just there for light, air and views – they protect your home from the weather, and intruders. Now’s the time to repair frames, replace cracked panes and re-hang sticking doors.
  • The “nerves”: Electrical wiring is literally the nerve centre of any home, and faults can have catastrophic results! Note that repairs to dodgy wiring or plugs should never be attempted by amateurs, as they can literally get “frazzled” as a result. Make sure that your electrical sockets and wiring forms part of your home maintenance routine.
  • The “blood-vessels” and “internal organs”: In the Highveld, extreme weather conditions can play havoc with your pipes and plumbing. Have your geyser looked at, as you don’t want to be without hot water, or worse, have it pouring through your ceiling one freezing night!

Winter in Gauteng is the ideal season for house-health check-ups and home maintenance, but if you lack the time, the skill or the inclination, why try to DIY when it’s cheaper and easier to get expert help for all your building, plumbing, electrical and general handyman needs.
Contact Us at Showroom Condition, and ask our professional team of “home maintenance doctors” to make a house call today!

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