Home painting services have become even better

Home painting services have grown in leaps and bounds through the years. These days you can rest assured that there are actually professional painting companies who are willing to help you. The best people to team up with are those who can offer you more than one service. What better than to have a one stop shop when making your home look great. This is where Showroom Condition comes in to steal the show.

Services offered by Showroom Condition  

We have a number of things we can help you accomplish when it comes to revamping and maintaining the appearance of your home. Our team is efficient and you can rest assured that every single job is executed with excellence.

House painting services. We offer a vast array of different house painting services and can work on the following:

  • Indoor and outdoor painting
  • Natural cement painting – earth-coating specialists
  • Windows and doors – timber frame maintenance
  • Colour washing and painting techniques
  • Start to finish roof painting
  • Steel and metal house painting

Maintenance contracts. If you need assistance in maintaining your home, do not waste your weekends at a hardware store. Let Showroom Condition take over this burden with a maintenance contract.

Handyman. Even when dad swears he can do it himself, we all know that more times than not the problem will only get worse if we let him. Therefore let our team come and take the pressure off you and your family and be handy around your house.

Waterproofing. With the South African thunderstorms, a little waterproofing can prove to be a very good idea. Our team is able to come and make sure your home will not spring any unsuspected leaks throughout the rainy season.

Call on Showroom Condition today

As our name suggests, we will ensure your house is always in tiptop condition. Contact us today and we will answer any query you may have.

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