House painters in Gauteng show you how to make this job exciting

House painting is a great way to get your home ready for resale or give a room a fresh feel without spending time, money and energy on redecorating the entire space. For so many home owners white and off-white are still the main choice of colour but brighter bolder colours can also be used in and outside the house to add some cheer and character.

House painting ideas

In smaller rooms a single wall can be painted with a bold accent colour as a focal point. In larger rooms all four walls can be painted pastel colours for a calming effect or warm tones to keep the room feeling cosy. Remember that paint colours look different in the tin and on the wall so paint a sample area first to see how the light in the room alters the paint colour. Also keep in mind when preparing for house painting that textured surfaces require more paint than smooth walls.

Whilst indulging in the exciting world of colour and design, let’s not forget the practical side of house painting. Repainting the exterior of your house can serve not only to fix problems with previous house painting jobs, such as peeling and blistering, but can also prevent these problems from occurring again in the future.

Be sure to clean the surface before painting with a brush or hosepipe and remove any flaky pieces with a wire brush. Sometimes a sander and paint removal products are also necessary before laying on the undercoat.

When applying paint be sure to take note of the recommended number of coats and not to thin the paint too much or too little. It is also important to wait the recommended time period between applying coats.

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