House Painting

Colours add a significant appeal to your house’s outlook. House painting should not be a drab experience, after all you are deciding to add some colour to your life. When deciding which colours to apply to all the different rooms, consider the following elements in your selection:

  • Front Door & Foyer

Your front door is really the entry point for people into your world. Choose a colour that is welcoming.  You can decide to use bold welcoming colours such as yellow, blue or red.

The foyer is the first place your guests enter into and “first impressions count”. Consider using bright and inviting colours that make your visitors really feel at home. Colours have a large influence on people’s moods and the right colours will ensure your guests are in a jovial mood.

  • Kitchen

White is the traditional ‘default’ colour that people tend to select for their kitchens because it gives an impression of cleanliness. However, a pretty kitchen doesn’t always need to be white. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, your house painting of the kitchen can be done with hearty colours. If you are really set on white, don’t miss the subtleties of alabaster, cream and everything in between.

  • Dining room

Despite the formality often associated with dining rooms there is also the congenial atmosphere which is embodied in these rooms. During your house paining you can use a broad spectrum of colours to liven up your rooms.

  • Bedrooms

Your bedroom is a private space where you go to unwind, rest, relax and just be yourself. As you do decide on the house painting of each room, be guided by the colours that the occupants like and that reflect their personality.

Our company is able to assist you with your house painting needs. If you would like us to assist with this process, get in touch with Showroom Condition.

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