How Handyman Services Can Make Your Home Feel Safe Again

Burglaries can happen to anyone. The most important thing is to make the essential repairs and security adjustments to protect and secure your Johannesburg home once more. Allow Showroom Condition to show you how their handyman services can be used to repair the damage that was done and make future attempts far less likely to succeed.


  • Damage repair

House break-ins are rarely clean. It is highly likely that your door and/or windows have been broken. While these remain unrepaired, you are at risk. We repair or replace doors, gates and windows as required. We even take care of minor building services.


  • Security improvements

Naturally, simply repairing what you had before will not suffice. We are one of the few handymen services with our own steel fabrication services. This allows us to acquire or custom fabricate and securely install security and sliding gates, burglar bars and barriers, steel palisades and various wall-top, access prevention hardware. If you want, we can also extend the height of your wall. We can strengthen any existing security measure, such as fitting substantially stronger locks or reinforcing steel access control mechanisms. If you do not already have them, we can install security lights around the exterior of your house or blinds to prevent prying eyes from scoping out your valuables.


  • Vetted labour

The last thing you want is strangers with access to your home. However, you can rest assured that we at Showroom Condition do not employ casual labourers to do our jobs. Each member of our team is well-known to us, experienced and trustworthy. All our projects are extensively supervised.


  • Monthly check-ups and general maintenance

If you’re worried about the maintenance of your home and/or new security, we offer a monthly maintenance contract. We will keep your home looking great. We are on call whenever you need us. Because we are consistently performing maintenance, we will immediately notice if anything has been tampered with. as well as


If you need our services, or are interested in installing preventative measures on your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Showroom Condition, for a repair and refit job that you can trust.

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