How to drill a hole in a ceramic tile

Drilling hole in a tile is simple if you know what you are doing, but it’s hard to do it without cracking the tile if you don’t, or if you are inexperienced. As a handyman with a great deal of experience offering handyman services in Johannesburg, Gauteng, I know exactly what you need, and what you need to do.

Have what you need ready

You need quite a few items at the ready to do it, and it’s better to have them at hand than to go hunting around, so get the following things from your DIY shop if don’t already have them. You’ll need a good quality electric drill and drill bit a solid piece of wood that just bigger than the tile, a soft pencil, tub of water, rag, stiff measure and masking tape.

Your drill bit is your most important consideration

Your drill bit must be either a diamond tip or carbide-tip masonry tip. An ordinary ‘cheap’ drill bit won’t do the job. It’s simply not able to drill through the hard glazed, ceramic surface cleanly enough, and the result will be cracking if you manage to drill through it at all.

Step-by-step instructions

Mark your drill point, covering it with masking tape, and mark the tape with the pencil where you need to drill. Drill a hole through the piece of wood and place it on the tile with the hole over the pencil mark. Drill slowly, holding the wood in place with your other hand, and applying a constant, firm pressure. Every so often, cool the drill bit with water to stop it overheating. Be careful – remember you are using an electric drill so use the rag. Be patient, and before you know it, it’s done.

Of course, you can always get hire a handyman to do it for you or give us a call for advice and assistance. Contact Showroom Condition for handyman services in Gauteng today.

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