How to hang a painting – tips from a handyman in Gauteng

Picture this scenario: You get invited over for a braai or dinner party. You want to take part in conversation about the weather, Eskom, politics or rugby, but you can’t pull your eyes off the lop-sided, scew painting that’s hanging against the wall.

Why don’t they fix it? Do the home owners not notice it? Would they mind if I got my toolbox out of the car to hang it correctly?
Maybe your lop-sided painting or picture frame bothers you as well, you just never get around to hanging it properly (or you’ve tried before and it always starts to lean to one side anyway). Hanging a painting is more than simply drilling a hole into a wall and sticking it up on a hook.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make two marks about half way down the inside of the frame (on the side that’s going to face the wall). These two marks will be your guide on where you need to put the eye screws.
  • Take two eye screws and screw them into the spots where you made the mark.
  • Take a long piece of picture wire and tie 3cm of the wire around the screw. Twist the wire around itself so that it’s tight and sturdy. Do this on both of the eye screws.
  • Buy a proper nail or hook – you shouldn’t be using a nail that you found in the garage. Go to the local hardware store and ask for a nail or hook that can hold double the weight of the picture.

A good picture hanging tip is to simply ask someone to stand a few metres away so that they can guide you.

Another piece of advice that I’ve picked up over the years is to make sure your painting is out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources.

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