Installing a New Toilet

A handyman’s advice (from experienced handyman services who cover the whole of Johannesburg and Gauteng), would be to let the professional handyman do it. However, if you would like to try install your new toilet yourself, or at least know what’s involved, then read on. It is moderately simple task, in fact – provided the new installation is the same size as the old one, and if you are prepared to go slow and be exact in your measurements, placements and diligent with hygiene, cleaning and drying.

Removing the old toilet

Make sure that you have switched off the water supply to the toilet, then, using protective gloves for hygienic purposes, scoop out the remaining water from both the cistern and bowl. You can then loosen the bolts holding the cistern in place, detach the pipe and lift it off the bowl and away from the wall. Then remove the bolts holding the unit in place and loosen the sealant on the pedestal by working it back and forth until it lifts away.

Clean the area and prepare it for a new installation

Scrape away any remaining sealant and don’t hold back on the bleach. Make sure the whole area is clean, bacteria and mould free, and properly dry in preparation for the new installation. It’s also a god idea to ’plug’ the open drainpipe with a towel or heavy rag to stop gasses and smells escaping from the sewer.

Install the new toilet

Once the area is clean and completely dry, you must replace the old flange around the pipe with a new one. Drive the mounting bolts through the new flange into the floor, making sure it’s fixed in place and then place a new wax ring around the opening. You can now put the new pedestal in place. Seal the entire area where the pedestal connects with the floor with fresh sealant, ensuring that it is level, that there are no gaps and that the pedestal doesn’t move.

You can then put bolts the through the base and tank and attach the rest of the installation to the pedestal and bolt the cistern to the wall.

There are a few potentially tricky details involved, so contact Showroom Condition today for advice and assistance on installing a new toilet, or for our handyman services in Gauteng, and let us ‘do the dirty work’ for you.

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