Installing faucets: tips from our handyman in Gauteng

As a handyman in Gauteng, I get tasked with all types of jobs – from repairing roofs to installing faucets. If you’ve got issues such as unpredictable water flow or leaks, then it might be a good idea to install new faucets. Here’s a step by step guide to get the job done:


  1. Turn off the water supply
    The water supply can be turned off under your sink or under the dishwasher and disconnect the hot and cold water hoses. Put a bucket underneath because water in the pipes may spill onto your floor. It’s possible that debris has built up in these pipes, so clean the pipes where possible.


  1. Remove the old faucet
    Unscrew the nuts on the existing faucet and remove the gasket and rubber ring. Once all the parts are removed, you can lift the faucet off of the sink’s base.


  1. Check the size of the holes
    If you’re installing a different faucet size or model, you may be left with unsightly gaps. Use silicone and stainless-steel cups (or whatever material fits well with your existing kitchen and sink) to close any gaps.


  1. Install the new faucet
    New faucets often come with hot and cold water faucets, so you can simply attach them to the hoses. Screw the hoses to the tape and use a screwdriver to tighten the bolt.


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