Is a handyman maintenance contract necessary?

To most people, a handyman maintenance contract may seem a bit extreme for your home. After all, what could possibly go wrong on an ongoing basis that warrants or justifies a contract? The answer to that is: plenty.

As homeowners and landlords, we are fully aware that anything could go wrong at any time, from a crack in the wall to burst pipes that are causing serious plumbing issues. Our homes and properties are the most valuable assets to us and ensuring that they are well taken care of will increase their value. Try not to let your maintenance, or lack thereof, cause depreciation to it.

A maintenance contract is a great way to ensure that you never have to be saddled with unexpected handyman bills. Your contract will serve you in various cost effective ways:

  • No buying of spares or parts
  • No need to purchase tools
  • No callout fees for handymen
  • No waiting, as the contractors are on call, therefore alleviating the chance for household issues to get worse.

Besides being cost effective, having a handyman on call whenever you need, is ideal in ensuring that your home or property is always cared for meticulously, with the assistance of a trained, qualified, professional and experienced team.

Life happens, and you should not let the running of your home’s maintenance be a burden to you. Go out and enjoy your weekends with your family and friends, instead of having to pay the local hardware store a visit every so often and then come home and “attempt” a repair, which may take all day. Leave it to the professionals.

Save time, effort and finances and consider getting a monthly maintenance contract from Showroom Condition today.

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