Let our handyman help you to childproof your home

Childproofing your home can be a very complicated process for those of us who do not have any handyman skills. Very often the gadgets are complicated, we are not sure of the tools we need or we simply don’t have the time. This is when it is a good idea to hire an expert to get the job done right.

How can our handyman help you to childproof your home

Here a few basic jobs that need to be done in order to properly childproof your home.

  • Stove knob covers need to be applied to avoid your little one accidently turning on the heat. You will need to get expert advice to ensure you purchase and fit the correct covers.
  • Stove door locks need to be correctly fitted as many of them can be flimsy if not done by an expert.
  • Toilet locks are an important part of childproofing as toddlers are very top heavy and can easily fall forward if they lean over too far. An expert handyman will ensure the correct product is purchased and securely fitted.
  • Cabinet safety latches can also be a pesky undertaking for those of us who are not DIY savvy. But this is one of the most important components in childproofing.
  • Gates and window bars are essential if you live in a house with multiple levels and stairs. A handyman is your best option here as hanging gates and window bars require drilling and anchoring.

At Showroom Condition, we will send you a highly experienced handyman to help you take care of all the above childproofing necessities and more. So contact us and get your personal handyman today!

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