Maintenance Contracts

Juggling work, attending the little one’s school plays, running errands, and attending this or the other function leaves little time for other activities at home. How many times have you put off replacing that light bulb on the patio which burned out a few months ago, fixing that leaking tap or other DIY activities?

Enter Showroom Condition with our Maintenance Contracts. Before you move away from here thinking you have landed on the wrong page…you are not about to read about maintenance court proceedingsJ. You are in the right place.

Service Plans

You and many other people take out service plan contracts for your vehicle for it to receive servicing at certain intervals. You can also have a ‘service plan’ for your house in the form of a maintenance contract. Just as a vehicle needs to have its oil changed, wheels balanced, etc., a house also needs regular servicing – Showroom Condition is the right service provider for your maintenance needs.

Benefits of Maintenance Contracts

  • when you identify an issue, which is minor, you can get someone to deal with it before it escalates into something major
  • although you might be a DIYer, having experts you can rely on helps deal with the real issues i.e. dealing with the root cause
  • time is freed to be spent on other activities
  • no more unplanned expenses – the monthly maintenance contract covers your repairs
  • You’ll be adding value to your home by keeping it in mint shape and continuously improving its appearance

Get in touch with Showroom Condition to sign up for your maintenance contract.

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