Maintenance Contracts: Not just for mansions

Real life story

“We recently signed a maintenance contract with a family of four living in a relatively small three bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a cottage. The family took a bit of convincing that a maintenance contract was the way to go for them, but after just a couple of months, they are reaping the rewards.

Like most South African families, both parents work fulltime, so the demands on their leisure time are huge. The house is old but in relatively good condition, but when we looked around, we could see that there was work to be done. Both the adults living in the house lacked the skills to take care of the house’s upkeep and they did not own all the tools required for these tasks.

Within the first month, we were called to repair cracks in the walls, replace faulty electrics and to patch up some old waterproofing. The real advantage is that we get in and fix problems as they arise because we all know that – when it comes to maintaining your home – a ‘stitch in time saves nine’.”

We are here for you

Here at Showroom Condition, we see the scenario time and time again where the home owner has seen a minor fault and put it to the back of his or her mind – perhaps because they weren’t sure exactly what the problem was or they thought they would sort it out when they had a whole bunch of things for a handyman or contractor to work on. But by the time they get round to repairing it, the problem has grown and the bill to repair it has grown exponentially!

With the maintenance contract, small, simple bits of home maintenance can save significant amounts of money because a home owner can rest assured that small problems can be fixed before they turn into major nightmares.

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