Maintenance contracts- the solution for young homeowners

Buying a new home is an exciting prospect and the start of a brand new journey, but what happens when that home begins to cost you money you never budgeted for? Monthly maintenance contracts are the perfect solution for young homeowners who want to avoid being thrown into debt by unexpected home maintenance expenses and keep their home looking as good as it did on the day they made the purchase.

Many people make the mistake of thinking there is simply not enough to be done around the house to warrant a monthly maintenance contract and then are left quickly eating their words when all the little things begin to go wrong. The towel rail falls down, the cupboard door comes loose, the tiles on the floors crack and you have to waste your weekend running around hardware stores looking for parts and tools when you could have saved all that time and money by enlisting in contracted handyman services.

Benefits of monthly maintenance contracts

  • On call. Having constant access to expert handyman services whenever you need them.
  • Your budget and personal life will never have to suffer thanks to unplanned maintenance issues around the house. Predictability breeds peace of mind.
  • Maintaining value. By maintaining your home, you ensure it retains its market value and stays looking good.
  • Complete coverage. A maintenance contract can be tailored to suit your needs and cover everything from plumbing to electrical, handyman services, building and more.

At Showroom Condition, we are a tight knit team of experts who don’t mind being called to the other side of Joburg to fix your wall because we understand how important your investment is to you. We offer expert handyman services at affordable prices to help you keep your home in mint condition and take pride in our many years of experience and expertise.

To learn more about our monthly maintenance contracts and the benefits they offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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