Go green and save

Make your home green and save!

Energy efficient homes are not only good for the environment – they also help you save money thanks to reduced electricity bills. Whether you are interested in a complete home-greening project or just want to make a few simple changes, Showroom Condition can help you.

Installing a solar water heating system, energy efficient light bulbs, ceiling insulation or a more efficient swimming pool pump will have an immediate effect on your household’s energy consumption. Not only do these energy efficient installations make economical sense, but they also ensure that your greening initiatives pay for themselves – giving you a good return on investment.

Power conservation

There are numerous cost-free changes you can make to conserve power, but it’s not always practical to turn off the lights, geysers and other electrical appliances throughout the day. Showroom Condition has the experience and technical know-how to help you with a range of green solutions in and around your home. These are some of the improvements we can make to your property to help you save energy:

Geyser insulation

By insulating the first few metres of your hot water piping as well as your geyser, you will be able to halve the heat losses from your geyser. This is a low-cost green solution that will help you save a lot of electricity when it comes to heating water for your household.

Timer switches

Forget manually turning your geyser on and off during the day by installing timer switches that takes care of this hassle for you. This will ensure that your geyser isn’t working throughout the day (when nobody is using it).

Ceiling insulation

Heating and cooling your home requires a large amount of electricity. Eliminate heat loss during the winter by installing effective, high-quality ceiling insulation.

Solar water heaters

While this green solution may require an initial capital investment, the payback period for a solar water heating system is usually between three and five years. This environmentally-friendly solution will help you save up to 70% on your water heating electricity bill, making it one of the best green solutions for your home.

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