Painting Done Right

Part of being a homeowner is that you must maintain it and do the occasional bit of renovation to keep it looking good. One of the more frequent tasks that results in a noticeable positive difference is repainting your interior or exterior walls. A poorly done job, however, will have the opposite effect and more than likely require another fix soon. Showroom Condition has some useful suggestions as to how to get it done right the first time:

  • Tape – Masking tape can be a huge help when it comes to painting only the surfaces you want and avoiding making a mess. Neatly tape against where you want the edge to be and peel the tape away while the paint is still wet to leave a nice, clean line. If you forgot a piece of tape on the wall and the paint has dried, it is best to run a knife along the inside edge of the tape before peeling it off, as it can help to prevent you inadvertently peeling the fresh coat of paint off.


  • Plug Points – Always remove plug covers before painting and use tape to mask off the hole. If you leave the covers on, it almost always results in painting the plug cover to the wall, which always looks messy and results in broken paint if you ever must remove or replace the cover.


  • Wall Damage – Don’t ignore pre-existing damage to the surface that you’re planning to paint. Fill or repair any holes, large or small, before painting as it will always be obvious if you’ve simply tried to hide a problem.


  • Wall Preparation – This is especially important when painting a repaired, old or water damaged wall. In fact, in just a few days your new paint job will flake, crumble or drop off the wall if it has not been properly prepared. Thoroughly sand the wall before reaching for the paint, as any flaky, floury or crumbly sections of the old surface finish won’t be fixed by just painting over them. Clean the wall with a damp cloth right before painting, to ensure that your new paint will last as long and look as good as possible.


  • Technique – Long, even and parallel strokes of the paintbrush are the most effective way to get a good, even painting finish.

Painting your home takes a lot of foresight and effort, which is why we at Showroom Condition offer our expert painting services in Johannesburg, Gauteng, to you. Our painting team has years of experience in painting every type of home in every type of paint. Our friendly and professional staff will get your painting job done before you know it, first time, at a price that works for your budget. So contact us today!

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