Painting tips: How to paint trims

Painting bedrooms and other interior rooms doesn’t have to be a major task. I always advise people to start with the trims, then the ceiling and then the walls. Painting the trims well requires a bit of preparation and planning as this is something that can easily look bad if done incorrectly.

Your first step is to remember to use drops to cover your carpet or flooring. The trims might seem like a small, manageable section of the paint job, but paint can easily drip onto your carpet or furniture items. You should also use masking tape to cover the length of the floor because you don’t want any paint to leak down onto your carpeting. You should also use tape and plastic around other trims like windows and doors for the same reason.

Check the trims for any holes or cracks so that they can be filled before you start painting. You can also use a sanding sponge to even out any rough edges. The type of paint that you should buy for trims is a gloss or semi-gloss trim paint that can be bought from your local hardware store. If you want to make sure that the paint adheres to the trims properly, invest in a liquid deglosser to prepare the area before you apply the paint.

If you are planning on spraying the trims, invest in a respirator so that you don’t inhale any paint fumes. A good tool to use for trim painting jobs is a 10cm spray gun extension. With doors and larger areas, spray the edges first before you move to the larger middle sections.

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