Handyman services such as plumbing, routine maintenance and refurbishments are what we specialise in. Whether you need a new pump installed in your swimming pool or you need somebody to fix your electrical services every few weeks – we’ve got the solution and package deal for you.

  • House painting : Giving your home a fresh coat of paint every few years is as refreshing as a complete property facelift. Doing it properly will protect your home from the effects of nature and protect your property against weather damage, rot and wear & tear. Read more about house painting services.
  • Monthly maintenance contracts: If you struggle to find the time – or lack the skills – to execute maintenance jobs around your property, monthly maintenance contracts are the solution for you. Get somebody to replace faulty ball valves, replace cracked tiles, fit curtain poles, take care of the plaster work and more when you sign up for an affordable monthly maintenance contract. Contact us to enquire about a monthly maintenance contract.
  • Interior decorating and maintenance: Decorating and maintaining your property is an important part of household maintenance. Get a qualified handyman to take care of all the indoor decorating and maintenance work that you don’t get around to doing, such as wall painting, tiling work, ceiling painting and so forth. Find out more about our interior decorating and maintenance services.
  • Exterior handyman services: Some of our top quality exterior services include paving solutions, precast walling, flower boxes, fixing and installing gutters and more. Get an experienced handyman to take care of all your exterior handyman services. Read more about exterior handyman services.
  • Plumbing services: Whether you’ve got a plumbing emergency or you need somebody to repair leaking taps and faulty toilets or install new geysers and lay down new copper pipes – we’ve got the experience to get the job done. Find out more about our plumbing services.
  • Electrical services: We offer straightforward and competitive quotes for any type of electrical service, such as moving power points, replacing extractor fans, electric fencing and pool pump installations. Find out more about our electrical services.
  • Handyman services and steel fabrication: Showroom Condition’s handyman services range from simple shelf fitting and installing fire alarms to skilled steel fabrication solutions, such as manufacturing and installing security gates, burglar bars and steel palisades.
  • Waterproofing services: Is one of our most popular service offerings here at Showroom Conditions. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the most important too. If you fail to waterproof your home, you’re not only taking a huge risk (it could wreck your roof, your wall structures and your furniture) but you’re also just avoiding the inevitable. Find out more about our waterproofing services

Read more about price policy and contact us to start repairing and making changes to your home!

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