Caretaking for your Gauteng home while you are overseas

It’s true that most of the handyman and caretaking work I do is for clients who simply don’t have the time to fix each and every thing around the house – but many times, I do work for people who aren’t even in the same country.

South Africa has a large number of people working and travelling overseas – quite a few home owners have immigrated to other countries. While they are away, they need to maintain their homes (because everyone knows that renting out your place can have disastrous consequences if you’re not around to check up on the condition of your home and yard every year or so).

These people often hire me to do handyman work on an ongoing basis. Here’s why:

  • Keep your properties in tip top shape: Maintaining the value of your properties means that you have to maintain everything from the electrical work and plumbing to the house painting, chipped tiles and outside fencing. As a professional handyman in Gauteng, I can help you with each of these aspects. Caretaking Showroomcondition
  • One stop solution: Hiring people for different repair jobs is difficult as it is – but being in a different country can be a bit of a gamble. Who will you be inviting into your home? Are they trustworthy? How are you going to approve the final job (will they be sending you photos)? Showroom Condition is a one-stop solution for each and every job you need done in and around your home. We offer transparent prices and ongoing maintenance contracts so that you have somebody you can trust while you’re working in London, river rafting in the Amazon, hiking in the Himalayas or raising your children in Canada.
  • Experience: My team of painters and handymen in Gauteng are the best in the business. Whether we’re installing new plumbing, painting a roof or changing a light bulb – we do a great job that we are proud of. I’m also involved in each and every project – so you will have one person answering your questions and taking care of all your handyman needs.

Making sure your home is in Showroom Condition while you are away means that you can rent it out or sell it at a higher price.

Maintain the value of your properties by hiring us to take care of all the handyman jobs you need done!

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