Exterior handyman services

Your outdoor paving, precast walling, thatch roof and garden all require routine maintenance and general upkeep from time to time. Instead of procrastinating or taking on these projects yourself, outsource it to us.

We thrive on exterior handyman jobs, whether it’s breaking down walls, painting roofs, waterproofing ponds or building a car gate – we can get the job done. As the owner and manager of the company, I take a hands-on approach with each and every project that comes our way. You can rest assured that you will have trustworthy, expertly skilled handyman working on your home’s exterior when you partner with Showroom Condition for exterior handyman services.

Exterior Services:

  • Paving
  • Precast walling
  • Boundary walls
  • Flower boxes
  • Gutters
  • Garden sprinkler systems
  • Tree felling
  • Thatch roof lapas
  • Waterproofing
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Carport shading nets
  • General garden services
  • Pool maintenance services
  • Pool conversions to koi ponds

We take all the hassle out of handyman jobs – from the sourcing of materials to sign-off of the finished product. With Showroom Condition’s experience and know-how, you now have no reason to delay any aspect of your property’s upkeep.

Upfront and transparent quotes, dependable and excellent workmanship coupled with hands on management will guarantee the quality you expect from a professional maintenance service company.

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