Monthly Maintenance contracts

I often tell my friends that my company’s niche is providing monthly maintenance contracts in Gauteng – then I’m met with blank stares and confused eyebrows. What’s that? Like a pool boy?

Let me explain what a monthly maintenance contracts means for you – it means you never have to run around finding spare parts, fixing broken tiles, hanging curtain rails or installing door handles again. Smart, ne?

Some people feel they don’t have enough handyman jobs in and around their home to justify a monthly contract, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you own property, you’ll know as well as I do that little “maintenance niggles” can suck the fun out of any weekend. You could’ve been sleeping late or going to a braai, but instead you’re in queues at Builders Warehouse looking at shower screens or walking around your yard with a measurement tape looking like Bob the Builder.

Say goodbye to the hassle, the frustration and the total time suck by signing a monthly maintenance contract that means me and my team are on standby whenever you need us. Some of the benefits real quick:

  • We’re on call whenever you need us;
  • We’re flexible and we don’t mind being called out to the other side of Joburg to fix a crack in your wall;
  • You won’t have unplanned expenses – you’ve already got a monthly maintenance contract that covers your repairs;
  • You’ll be adding value to your home by keeping it in mint shape and continuously improving its appearance.

Why stress about household repairs and unexpected handyman expenses when you can get a monthly maintenance contract from a trusted handyman in Gauteng?

What your monthly maintenance contract includes

Our monthly maintenance contracts cover everything from plumbing and electrical services to a wide range of handyman and building solutions. Here’s a quick overview (and if you don’t see a specific service here, remember that we’re flexible – if there’s no way I can work it into your contract, I can still probably take care of whatever handyman job you need and give you a good quote for the job):

  • Plumbing Services
  • Handyman Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Building Services

Showroom Condition makes it possible to keep up with your property’s maintenance in an affordable, achievable way. You no longer need to worry about escalating costs, as your monthly maintenance contract puts you at the forefront of investing in your property’s upkeep, at an affordable and predictable price.

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