Waterproofing services in Gauteng

Waterproofing services in Gauteng is one of our most popular service offerings here at Showroom Conditions. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the most important too. If you fail to waterproof your home, you’re not only taking a huge risk (it could wreck your roof, your wall structures and your furniture) but you’re also just avoiding the inevitable: It’s Gauteng, it is going to rain – if your roof isn’t sealed properly, you’re going to need to hire us for more repairs than waterproofing a roof.

What I’m trying to say is – get your roof properly sealed before it is too late! It’s not a huge, unnecessary expense. If you own property, it’s something you need to do – it’s like paying tax, replacing your light bulbs or cleaning your braai with an onion or newspaper: it’s not fun, but it must be done!

Why us?

Because we’re quick, affordable and pay close attention to every detail of a waterproofing job. We take our handyman services seriously and if you’re hiring us to waterproof your roof, shower, walls, patio or balcony – we’re going to make sure there’s no way water can seep through.

Types of waterproofing services we offer

  • Roof waterproofing like Concrete slabs, Flat roofs, IBR Roofs, Corrugated roofs, Tile roofs and valleys.
  • Other types of waterproofing: Metal Box Gutters, Parapet Walls, Planter boxes and ponds, damp proofing, showers, tanking, staircases, patios and balconies and parking decks.
  • Leak detection: Not sure if you even need waterproofing services? We can help you find leaks and advise you on the best course of action. “Waterproofing services” doesn’t mean we necessarily have to take your roof or patio apart, sometimes it’s a simple fix that can be done in a few hours!

If you find yourself in need of waterproofing services in Gauteng, or the upkeep and repair of existing waterproofing systems, then entrust Showroom Conditions with your valuable investment. Contact Showroom Conditions for waterproofing in Gauteng.

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