Save money on home repair with maintenance contracts from Showroom Condition

When you hear the term “maintenance contract” you probably think about a landscaping company or a pool service, but did you know that Showroom Condition specialises in monthly maintenance contracts for home repairs? That’s right, whether it’s a cracked tile, a loose doorknob, or the paint on the walls needs a little touch-up, our maintenance contract covers it all. We are proud to offer our customers in Gauteng professional, personalised service when they need it and rather than spending your nights and weekends queuing at the hardware shop, just pick up the phone and call us!

Why invest in a maintenance contract from Showroom Condition?

  • You won’t incur unexpected monthly expenses due to unforeseen home repairs. If you’re on a set budget then a maintenance contract is the perfect way to keep your spending under control. Our contracts cover repairs both large and small.
  • We’re on call whenever you need us. If disaster strikes the day before you’re expecting house guests, or the toilet stops working just hours before a dinner party, don’t stress. Just call us!
  • You’ll be keeping your home in top condition, adding to its value and beauty.

Any homeowner knows that unexpected repairs pop up all the time, so if you don’t think you’ll have enough repairs to justify investing in a maintenance contract then think again. Whether it’s a small crack in your wall or a more urgent matter like blown electrical fuse boxes, our team of professionals is always on call and ready to help.

If you’d like more information about the variety of home repair services we offer or if you’re ready to sign up for a maintenance contract please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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