Save money with monthly maintenance contracts for your home

We all know the story- it’s the end of the month, budgets are tight and low and behold, disaster strikes. The curtain rail will fall down, the pipe will burst, the walls will develop mysterious cracks and you will be forced to break the bank and increase your blood pressure by spending the better part of your weekend trying to fix the problem, but you could have saved yourself all the trouble by simply investing in a monthly maintenance contract.

It is guaranteed that property requires upkeep. After all, this is an investment and you want to keep your investment in the best possible condition. This can be done without stress and pressure and extra expense with a Showroom Condition maintenance contract tailored to your specific needs and budget requirements.

Benefits of monthly maintenance contracts

A maintenance contract is like an insurance policy for your home. For a standard monthly fee, you will be covered for any DIY disasters that may occur such as plumbing, electrical problems, building troubles and general handyman services.

When you take out a maintenance contract, you save yourself time and stress because we guarantee we will be on call whenever you need us and also insure that none of your precious time is wasted on having to source parts or any other bits and pieces – we will take care of everything.

At Showroom Condition, we pride ourselves on being transparent and honest when it comes to costs and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

For further information on our pricing policy or to request a quotation, contact us!

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