Why you need to start your home repair jobs now to get ready for winter!

Winter is on its way and it’s very important that your home repairs are done before the chilly weather sets in – else you’ll be suffering with frostbitten toes while everyone else is cosy and warm!

As our homes age, they are affected by changes in the weather more and more – and the change from hot, humid summers in Gauteng where wood swells and damp rises to the dry, chilly winters where wood dries out and cracks appear everywhere can leave your home looking older than it should be! This means that, in winter, when all the materials your home is made of start to contract in the cold, you can be left with increasing gaps near your windows and doors as well as a drafty roof – bringing winter indoors.

Many people only realise how drafty and cold their house is when the weather gets really bad – so that means that it is a very busy time for home repair companies who may not be able to get out to you as soon as you’d like them to. The best option is to simply call us out before the bad weather sets in. We can have a look at your home from top to bottom, inspecting everything from your electrical systems and plumbing to the state of your roof, walls and windows. We’ll be able to give you a highly competitive quote and start on the job as soon as you’d like – ensuring that your home is weather proof and draft-free well in time for winter.

Contact us today at Showroom Condition for a quote on our affordable home repair services and don’t get left out in the cold this winter!

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