Staying on top of your home maintenance – areas to inspect

If you are joining one of the millions of new homeowners in South Africa and moving into your first home, chances are you’re not familiar with home maintenance and all its intricacies. There are different systems of the home which all work together and home repairs and maintenance will keep these important systems functioning in good order.

The money that you spend on house maintenance will save you thousands of Rands in the long run because you won’t have to replace the expensive pieces. As a property owner, there are a few areas of your home that you’ll need to pay particular attention to in order to prevent these areas acting up and causing you a lot of trouble and expense.

The areas you need to keep on top is include:

  • The home’s roofing. The roof of the property is one of the first areas of the home that you need to spend time on keeping up with. Take note that all parts of the roof aren’t always visible from the ground.
  • Plumbing. The property’s plumbing is another area of home maintenance that should enjoy your unreserved attention. You could end up having to spend thousands if you don’t catch any damage or problems early on. While for many the plumbing system is out of sight, out of mind, don’t fall into this trap and wait for problems to become evident before you act.
  • Air conditioner: South Africa can get very hot during the summer and many properties’ air conditioners work overtime during the summer. Keep on top of its maintenance and repairs to ensure you get the best service out of your unit during the year.

If you are looking for an expert in the home repair industry who offers monthly maintenance contracts, contact Showroom Condition in Johannesburg today. We will continuously inspect your property and perform all maintenance tasks to keep it in great shape.

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