The handyman’s guide to unblocking a kitchen drain

Unblocking a kitchen sink can be a messy job and without handyman tips to guide you, it may become more difficult and even messier. Over time, your kitchen sink can become blocked with debris and food particles, causing the water to build up and stay in your sink rather than flowing through the kitchen water pipes to an outside drain.

Here are a few easy ways for a DIY handyman to unblock a kitchen drain:
• Using a plunger – When using a plunger, make sure that all the other pipe outlets are closed with rags in order to ensure a secure plunge. It is beneficial that the plunger is securely fixed over the drain opening. Holding the plunger upright, plunge for at least ten times in a fast manner to ensure all blocked debris is removed by the force.
• Using baking soda and vinegar – Pour a half cup of baking soda into the drain opening and then a half cup of white vinegar. A fizzing reaction will take place and debris will become unblocked. Rinse the drain with hot water to clean debris. This method should be followed a few times to ensure a perfectly clean kitchen drain.
• Using baking soda and salt – Mix a half cup of salt and one cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain opening. Let the mixture set within the drain pipes for about 24-hours. When set, pour two cups of hot water into the drain to ensure all blockages are resolved.
• Using of wire – Being very careful not to damage the drain pipes, use a long metal wire to push blocked debris through the pipe or to pull blocked debris from the pipe. After following this procedure, rinse the drain with hot water to ensure all blockages are cleared.

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DIY tips on repairing a broken faucet for the household handyman

A leaking faucet can become very annoying after a while and with only a few handyman tips, you will soon forget that “tap-tap-tap”. If you choose to fix a broken faucet in or around your home without the assistance of a professional handyman service, you need to make sure that you use the correct DIY handyman methods of fixing the leak.

Here are some tips for a DIY handyman on fixing a broken faucet that is easy to do for the basic DIY person at home:

  • When preparing to fix the broken faucet, you need to ensure that the water is turned off at the main water pipe of your home. This way, you will not have the mess of cleaning up an entire room filled with water afterward.
  • If you unscrew the handle from the faucet, make sure that you use a little oil to ensure you do not damage any of the other faucet parts.
  • When removing the stem of the faucet, make sure to use a high-quality wrench. You also need to check all the removed parts for damage to determine where the fault is.
  • Replacing the old O-rings and washers are crucial when repairing a faucet and should be done carefully. You need to make sure that these O-rings and washers are exact fits to the old parts.
  • Before reassembling all the parts, make sure that all the parts are clean and free of debris. Doing this will lessen the chance of the faucet becoming faulty again in the near future.
  • It is beneficial to sort the leak out as soon as possible as neglecting it can cause bigger leaks near the spout and other parts that will need to be replaced.

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Handyman – Do I do it myself or do I hire a professional?

When looking to improve or maintain your home, you have to choose whether you are going to do it yourself or hire a handyman. If you are not familiar with handyman tools and techniques, it may be best to hire a professional to do the job.

Decide whether you want to do it yourself or hire a handyman with these pros and cons:

  • Time – If you work and spend little time at home, you may not really have the free time to complete household projects. Therefore a handyman will be the better option. If you do have a lot of time, you can thoroughly plan and execute the project with no trouble at all.
  • Quality – A handyman will have a better chance of getting it right the first time and will be able to do a top quality job. If you do not have a great deal of experience, better call a handyman to handle the job.
  • Warranty – A professional will be able to give you a warranty on the work done, whereas if you do it yourself, you will get no warranty at all.
  • Money – If you decide to do the project yourself, you could save money by not having to pay a handyman to do the job.
  • Skills – A professional handyman will have a lot more experience with a specific project than you might have. Take in account your handyman skills before you decide to hire or to DIY.

Handyman services at Showroom Condition

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Get the right handyman in your home today!

Is your house or property looking a little shabby in some parts or are you battling to get that professional finishing touch with your new hanging wall cabinet? Are you running out of time or simply not sure on how to polish off the job? We think you may be in the need of a professional handyman expert.

We, at Showroom Condition offer a wide range from common handyman service to steel fabrication services. We don’t stop there either, if you need brick laying, plaster work, dry walling or preparation of foundations of, we do it all and much, much more.

We have put together a list of some of our services we offer.

Our Handyman services in Gauteng:

  • Fit LCD / Plasma TV bracket
  • Fit shelves
  • Hang pictures
  • Hang paintings
  • Hang mirrors
  • Hang curtains
  • Fit curtain poles
  • Fit blinds
  • Fit shower and bath screens
  • Fit locks hinges and handles
  • Plain warped and swollen doors
  • Fit stair gates
  • Fit childproofing products
  • Assemble flat pack furniture
  • Rubbish clearance
  • Fit laminate flooring
  • Install fire alarms
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms
  • Moving heavy awkward furniture
  • Boxing in pipe work
  • Tidy cables
  • Expanded ceilings

We do it all so you don’t have to! If there is something we have left off our list, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our handy handymen will come to your rescue!

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We have taken the guessing and frustration out of your handyman home needs. A quick call to us or a visit from an expert Showroom Condition Handyman is all it will take for us to help you with your renovations or your repair needs. We have the skills to get the job done for you.

Is a handyman maintenance contract necessary?

To most people, a handyman maintenance contract may seem a bit extreme for your home. After all, what could possibly go wrong on an ongoing basis that warrants or justifies a contract? The answer to that is: plenty.

As homeowners and landlords, we are fully aware that anything could go wrong at any time, from a crack in the wall to burst pipes that are causing serious plumbing issues. Our homes and properties are the most valuable assets to us and ensuring that they are well taken care of will increase their value. Try not to let your maintenance, or lack thereof, cause depreciation to it.

A maintenance contract is a great way to ensure that you never have to be saddled with unexpected handyman bills. Your contract will serve you in various cost effective ways:

  • No buying of spares or parts
  • No need to purchase tools
  • No callout fees for handymen
  • No waiting, as the contractors are on call, therefore alleviating the chance for household issues to get worse.

Besides being cost effective, having a handyman on call whenever you need, is ideal in ensuring that your home or property is always cared for meticulously, with the assistance of a trained, qualified, professional and experienced team.

Life happens, and you should not let the running of your home’s maintenance be a burden to you. Go out and enjoy your weekends with your family and friends, instead of having to pay the local hardware store a visit every so often and then come home and “attempt” a repair, which may take all day. Leave it to the professionals.

Save time, effort and finances and consider getting a monthly maintenance contract from Showroom Condition today.

Wall drilling hacks from Showroom Condition

Drilling into a wall sounds like a quick and easy thing to do, but I’ve picked up quite a few helpful tips and hacks along the way. Read this list of wall drilling hacks to get the job done with ease next time around:

Use a digital detector

The worst thing that can happen when drilling a hole into a wall is accidentally drilling into electrical wires or pipes. Use a digital detector so you can establish where any electrical wiring or pipes are behind the wall before you start drilling.

Pick up dust with an envelope

This is a handy tip I’ve picked up over the years. If you know where you are going to drill, open an envelope and tape it to the wall underneath the spot where you are going to drill. This will help pick up any dust from the drilling so you don’t have to vacuum and clean up dust afterwards.

Use the right drill and drill bit

There are many different types of drills on the market. Generally, a lightweight DIY drill will be perfect for drilling a simple hole into a wall, but if you’re unsure about drilling a hole into masonry, concrete or ceramic, for example, rather hire a professional.

At Showroom Condition, we specialise in taking care of all your DIY needs. No job is too big or too small. Whether you need a thousand picture frames hung in your house (hey, everybody has different decorating styles) or simply want us to drill a few holes to install your new LED television – we can do it.

Take the hassle out of drilling and DIY by contacting our professional handyman Showroom Condition today.

Tips to keep your hands handy…

Often times, we think that doing work around the house is going to be easy and will save us a lot in costs we deem “unnecessary”. This could be true if you have an idea of what you are doing. For the times you don’t, you should consult professional contractors. At the end of the day, your home is one of the most prized possessions in life.

Be it painting, building, paving, plumbing or electrical, it is good to have a contingency plan when you are unable to get quality handymen when you need to.

Want to try your hand at painting?

When we want to paint our homes, we envisage beautiful colours. This is important as colour makes the space functional and helps it come to life. However we forget the most important part of painting and that is the preparation of the wall. Ensure the wall has primer, as this allows a good surface to paint on and it also brings out the true colour of the paint.

Another aspect of painting your home is to consider the weather. On a hot day, the chances are that there will be humidity and moisture in the air will keep water-based paint from drying properly. Try not to do the paint projects at home in the afternoon when it is humid, or your walls are not going to come out right and you will have the frustration of doing them over or leaving them looking shoddy.

If this seems to overwhelm you, thankfully there are skilled teams of handymen who are able to do this type of work at affordable rates while ensuring quality workmanship. Contact a professional near your area to advise you on how best to move forward with home improvements.

Find the best handyman for your home in 2015

Finding the right handyman for your home this year is not as difficult as you think. However, finding someone who will do a quality job for you is another story all together. Knowing who you can rely on is always a touchy subject when it comes to entrusting someone with your home and rightfully so. Your sanctuary should not be overrun with people whom you feel uneasy around. This is why we at Showroom Condition take pride in every single job which we do. Making life that much easier for all of our customers, we offer a wide variety of different services which we hope bring ease and enjoyment into our client’s busy schedule.

Services offered by Showroom Condition

There is indeed a reason behind our name. We believe it is extremely important to leave all of our customers’ homes exactly as our name suggests, in showroom condition. This being said, we offer you every single handy man service which you could imagine. People may think it strange to outsource some of the jobs we do, but sometimes, you just don’t have time to do them yourself. For example, if you buy a fantastic set of blinds, but find yourself running ragged throughout the week with work and on the weekend have to see your in laws for a braai, go to your friend’s house warming, hit the gym, do a bit of catch up work for the week and finish up with a family Sunday lunch, the likelihood of you being able to complete this task is minimal.

This is where we step in to help you out. There is no harm in asking for a friendly helping hand when you need one. Call Showroom Condition today and let us help you create your ideal picture perfect home in a heartbeat.

Handyman – your all-in-one solution

Owning your own home has a lot of advantages, but there are also disadvantages like having to repair and maintain your own property. This can be extremely challenging if you are not technically inclined or not physically able to do it yourself. The solution is simple: get a Handyman to do the job!

He will be able to do all your minor refurbishments and maintenance. Finding a trustworthy person is crucial though.

How to choose the right Handyman for the job

  • Always ask for referrals: When someone made use of a good service provider they are eager to tell other people about it. If you ask around, chances are good of finding someone reliable. If you make use of newspaper ads, make sure to ask for references to accompany the quote. Any person who is proud of his workmanship will be more than willing to provide ample proof of previous projects.
  • Always compare pricing: Get quotes from at least three to four service providers. Compare their prices. When pricing is too high or too low, it’s usually a pretty good indicator that the Handyman might not have the necessary skills or knowledge to perform the job.
  • Legal compliance and insurance: Always ensure that the company you choose is registered with the relevant industry authorities and that they have insurance cover. In the event where anything goes wrong due to their negligence, you will be able to hold them accountable to cover the damages.
  • Contract or agreement: Make sure you have a copy of the contract or agreement that contains a detailed scope of the works to be done. This will be your guide to tracking progress and will ensure that you get what you paid for.

Showroom Condition is the expert professionals that you can trust to offer comprehensive service solutions. Contact us today and let us take care of all your home repairs and maintenance requirements.

Let our handyman help you to childproof your home

Childproofing your home can be a very complicated process for those of us who do not have any handyman skills. Very often the gadgets are complicated, we are not sure of the tools we need or we simply don’t have the time. This is when it is a good idea to hire an expert to get the job done right.

How can our handyman help you to childproof your home

Here a few basic jobs that need to be done in order to properly childproof your home.

  • Stove knob covers need to be applied to avoid your little one accidently turning on the heat. You will need to get expert advice to ensure you purchase and fit the correct covers.
  • Stove door locks need to be correctly fitted as many of them can be flimsy if not done by an expert.
  • Toilet locks are an important part of childproofing as toddlers are very top heavy and can easily fall forward if they lean over too far. An expert handyman will ensure the correct product is purchased and securely fitted.
  • Cabinet safety latches can also be a pesky undertaking for those of us who are not DIY savvy. But this is one of the most important components in childproofing.
  • Gates and window bars are essential if you live in a house with multiple levels and stairs. A handyman is your best option here as hanging gates and window bars require drilling and anchoring.

At Showroom Condition, we will send you a highly experienced handyman to help you take care of all the above childproofing necessities and more. So contact us and get your personal handyman today!