Installing a New Toilet

A handyman’s advice (from experienced handyman services who cover the whole of Johannesburg and Gauteng), would be to let the professional handyman do it. However, if you would like to try install your new toilet yourself, or at least know what’s involved, then read on. It is moderately simple task, in fact – provided the new installation is the same size as the old one, and if you are prepared to go slow and be exact in your measurements, placements and diligent with hygiene, cleaning and drying.

Removing the old toilet

Make sure that you have switched off the water supply to the toilet, then, using protective gloves for hygienic purposes, scoop out the remaining water from both the cistern and bowl. You can then loosen the bolts holding the cistern in place, detach the pipe and lift it off the bowl and away from the wall. Then remove the bolts holding the unit in place and loosen the sealant on the pedestal by working it back and forth until it lifts away.

Clean the area and prepare it for a new installation

Scrape away any remaining sealant and don’t hold back on the bleach. Make sure the whole area is clean, bacteria and mould free, and properly dry in preparation for the new installation. It’s also a god idea to ’plug’ the open drainpipe with a towel or heavy rag to stop gasses and smells escaping from the sewer.

Install the new toilet

Once the area is clean and completely dry, you must replace the old flange around the pipe with a new one. Drive the mounting bolts through the new flange into the floor, making sure it’s fixed in place and then place a new wax ring around the opening. You can now put the new pedestal in place. Seal the entire area where the pedestal connects with the floor with fresh sealant, ensuring that it is level, that there are no gaps and that the pedestal doesn’t move.

You can then put bolts the through the base and tank and attach the rest of the installation to the pedestal and bolt the cistern to the wall.

There are a few potentially tricky details involved, so contact Showroom Condition today for advice and assistance on installing a new toilet, or for our handyman services in Gauteng, and let us ‘do the dirty work’ for you.

How to drill a hole in a ceramic tile

Drilling hole in a tile is simple if you know what you are doing, but it’s hard to do it without cracking the tile if you don’t, or if you are inexperienced. As a handyman with a great deal of experience offering handyman services in Johannesburg, Gauteng, I know exactly what you need, and what you need to do.

Have what you need ready

You need quite a few items at the ready to do it, and it’s better to have them at hand than to go hunting around, so get the following things from your DIY shop if don’t already have them. You’ll need a good quality electric drill and drill bit a solid piece of wood that just bigger than the tile, a soft pencil, tub of water, rag, stiff measure and masking tape.

Your drill bit is your most important consideration

Your drill bit must be either a diamond tip or carbide-tip masonry tip. An ordinary ‘cheap’ drill bit won’t do the job. It’s simply not able to drill through the hard glazed, ceramic surface cleanly enough, and the result will be cracking if you manage to drill through it at all.

Step-by-step instructions

Mark your drill point, covering it with masking tape, and mark the tape with the pencil where you need to drill. Drill a hole through the piece of wood and place it on the tile with the hole over the pencil mark. Drill slowly, holding the wood in place with your other hand, and applying a constant, firm pressure. Every so often, cool the drill bit with water to stop it overheating. Be careful – remember you are using an electric drill so use the rag. Be patient, and before you know it, it’s done.

Of course, you can always get hire a handyman to do it for you or give us a call for advice and assistance. Contact Showroom Condition for handyman services in Gauteng today.

Handyman tips: 5 essential tools for your toolbox on a budget

Whether it’s a nail in the wall or a leak in the sink, every home owner needs a few handy tools around the house. If you are unsure where to start, here is Handyman Gauteng’s list of five basic essentials every toolbox should have that won’t break the bank:

Screwdriver set – Need to open a paint lid, or perhaps open a child-proof battery compartment, screwdrivers are a must. Make sure you get ones that are comfortable to hold and have a magnetic tip. For even less strain on your wrist, consider a ratchet screwdriver.

Claw hammer – Do you need to hang a picture frame, or pull out old (or bent) nails? Your toolbox would not be complete without a hammer. Look for ones with a rubber or plastic handle for a better grip and to absorb shock.

Tape measure – No matter how good you think your eyes are, everyone knows you need to measure twice so that you can cut once. A tape measure is your key to a professional finish. Fun fact: the wider the tape measure the easier it is to use with one hand.

Adjustable wrench – You don’t need a set of wrenches, one will do. Use this for tightening nuts and bolts of varying sizes and also for loosening plumbing fixtures. For large projects where you will be tightening and loosening countless nuts and bolts, invest in a socket wrench set with a ratchet handle. Life will be so much easier.

Pliers – Look out for locking, adjustable pliers as they are extremely versatile and can be used for gripping, clamping and wire cutting. For more detailed gripping work, like fixing jewellery, invest in needle-nose pliers.

Whether you’re a rookie or an expert, these tools will see you through countless jobs around the home. However if the task requires professional handling contact our handyman in Gauteng today.

Handyman tips: How to remove tiles

As a handyman in Gauteng, we often get asked about DIY work that people can take care of themselves at home. Removing tiles can be a bit of a hassle, but if this is something that you want to do yourself then this post is for you. 

The first step is to prepare yourself for the job. You will need a hammer and a screwdriver to remove the tiles and you will also need a bag or bucket where you will put the pieces of tiles. If you place the screwdriver behind the tile, between the wall and the piece of tile, you will be able to gently lift the corners from the wall by using the hammer to force the screwdriver in-between the two sections. Once you feel that the tile is coming loose, put down the screwdriver and the hammer and use your hands to remove the tile from the wall.

You will notice that a lot of the glue and adhesion materials will remain stuck against the wall along with bits and pieces of tile. These are to be fully removed later, but you should firstly focus on removing the largest sections of the tile where possible. Place the pieces of tile into the bucket or the rubble bag on the floor.

When knocking the screwdriver into the sections between the wall and the tile, be careful to not chisel into the white lines or else you will be removing the pieces of plastic instead of the tile.

Removing tiles and leaving the wall or floor with a smooth finish is quite a time-consuming and labour intensive process. If you want the pros to come and take care of the job for you, then contact our handyman in Gauteng today.

What can a Handyman in Gauteng do for you?

Hiring a handyman in Gauteng can be a daunting task. What if they are not professionals? What is they are inhospitable and hard to work with? What if they damage your wall, room, or home, instead of improve it?

What if they don’t even show up?? Stop asking yourself ‘What If?’ and consider the facts! Hiring a handyman gives you more time in your day and less anxiety in your mind.

Let the handyman take care of the details around the house. Keeping your house in superior condition, be it through repairing, replacing, or renovating, adds value to your overall property worth.

Exceptional Handymen are able to:

  • Offer house painting services
  • Hang paintings, photos, mirrors, and virtually any other wall mount, maintain your home’s interior décor
  • Install, repair, or replace any building or electrical needs  
  • Repair to roller doors, broken windows, and other entrance/exit points
  • Install carbon monoxide, fire, and other safety alarms correctly
  • Fit and suspend blinds, curtains, etc.
  • Construct childproof appliances
  • Provide assistance to most, if not all, your other odd job needs

Why hire an exceptional handyman?

Many responsibilities of a handyman are tasks that the average Joe could accomplish. The difference? An exceptional handyman has chosen to devote his career to the tasks. Faulty toilets, a cracked bathroom tile, plaster problems, a fresh coat of paint for the house, you name it, a handyman wants to fix it!

If any of your needs are listed above, consider a monthly maintenance contract. Yes, a monthly maintenance contract. While initially it may seem unnecessary, as though there is no way you could ever need a handyman on call, think again.

Not only does a monthly maintenance contract prevent any unplanned handyman expenses, it also helps you add value to your home, as you are constantly improving it! Add appeal to your home and time to your day; contact Showroom Condition handyman services in Gauteng.

Reasons Why You Need a Handyman in Gauteng!

If you have lots of little jobs and no time to do them, you should hire a handyman in Gauteng to help. Everyone knows that honey-do-list can multiply if you don’t start checking some stuff off it. Hey, don’t sweat it; an experienced handyman can rescue you from own your procrastination and get all those chores done and out of the way.

Repairs! Repairs! Repairs Be Gone!

Everyone knows that taking care of your home is one endless chore and it never seems to end! You check one thing of the to-do list and there is another thing to add. Maybe you have never considered the services of a handyman because you think it costs too much money and you should be completing all these little chores yourself.

Well, let’s look at the big picture here: your significant other is getting peeved because the artwork you purchased 6 months ago is still sitting on the floor waiting to be hung up. The last thing you want to do on your day off is spend hours hanging up pictures so what do you do? You offer to take out your significant other for a nice brunch at the trendy café down the street instead – sound familiar?

Let face it, going out for brunch on every free day you have can get pretty expensive; in comparison hiring a handyman to help around your place is pretty cost efficient in the long run.

A handyman can really help you to complete those annoying chores on your list including picture hanging, LED Flat screen TV mounting, hanging up curtains and blinds, installing wooden doors and other miscellaneous repairs. Oh, hey, that smoke alarm and Co2 detector isn’t doing your family any good sitting in the box either!

So if your to-do list fits into a three ring binder, you need to call me and find out about Showroom Condition’s handyman services in Gauteng!