Why You Should Invest in a Solar Water Heating System

If you have yet to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon, now’s your chance to do so! When it comes to home maintenance there is no more affordable or more efficient solution than solar water heating systems. Here are three reasons why you need to consider investing in one:

  1. They’re Eco-friendly:

Solar water heating systems make use of the sun as a source of energy. This energy is then used to heat the water in your geyser. This means that the systems do not make use of electricity which, in turn, is great news for the environment!


  1. They’re Cheaper in the Long Run:

While it may be expensive to invest in a solar water heating system initially, you will get your money back (and more) within 5 – 10 years of use. After that period, you will be saving money in bucket loads. Just think about the amount that you are currently paying per month for electricity!


  1. They’re Easy to Maintain:

Unlike most traditional heating systems, which often need to be maintained and replaced more regularly than we’d like, solar water heating systems are very easy to keep in good condition. Simply call on a trustworthy plumber or handyman to inspect the system once a year, and you’ll be good to go!


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House Painting Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

Considering that the exterior portion of your home is constantly exposed to harsh weather elements, from scorching heat to pouring rain, extra care needs to be taken to make sure that your home’s paint job can stand the test of time. Here are some helpful house painting tips for painting your home’s exterior:

  • Choose the right time:

The longevity of your home’s exterior paint job will depend quite substantially on how well it dries after the initial application. Knowing this, it makes sense to paint during the drier periods of year, like in winter. Also, if there is a lot of humidity in the air, you might want to hold off. Any moisture can affect the final result of your paint job!


  • Buy Quality Paint:

While you may be keen to save a few extra rands here and there, you will kick yourself in a year’s time when you must repaint all over again. Cheap paint simply doesn’t last as long. So, if you think about it, spending a little bit extra now will save you a lot of money in the long run.


  • Prep Properly:

Never paint a wall’s surface if it is dirty or uneven. The paint won’t adhere to it properly and is sure to start peeling much sooner than expected. Proper preparation is essential, so wash and sand to perfection before getting started.


While it is possible to do a good job when it comes to painting the exterior portion of your home, the question is: is it worth the stress and the effort? If you’d prefer the assistance of a professional, it’s time to get in touch with Showroom Condition! As experts in house painting and home maintenance, we will be able to provide you with a service that is truly second to none.

Home Improvements 101

The axiom that a stich in time saves nine could not be more relevant than when it comes to the upkeep of your home. A little preventive home maintenance can eliminate the need for major repairs later. Bearing in mind that “major repairs” is code for more extensive, more expensive, and probably at the most inconvenient time too!

Ke nako

Whether you are sprucing up your home pre holiday-season, or with an eye to selling up, don’t waste any time in getting started.

  1. Not every home improvement is skin-deep. Aging roofs, hidden water leaks, or outdated electrical systems – you can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken. Walk around your home and write a list of everything – big or small – that is broken or in a state of disrepair. While small repairs might seem trivial, adding them all up creates a shoddy impression
  2. Find inspiration on the internet, TV shows, and design magazines. When it comes to do-it-yourself projects, keeping your vision clear ensures that you keep it simple and on budget.
  3. One of the easiest and most cost-effective improvements of all is a fresh coat of paint. For a clean and updated look, give yourself adequate time to properly prepare the areas before you even touch a paint brush.
  4. Go green. Do an energy audit to see how to maximise the energy efficiency of your home. Not only will this cut your electricity bill now, but it makes your home more marketable in the long run.
  5. Even small revamps in the kitchen or bathroom guarantee good bang for your buck. Simply replacing old plumbing and lighting fixtures, swapping out a stained sink for a shiny new stainless steel model, or updating your tiles will give your home an updated, modern look.

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Perfectly Performing Plumbing

When it comes to our household plumbing, chances are we don’t give it a second thought – until there’s a problem. As with so much home maintenance, the network of water and sewer pipes inside our walls that deliver hot and cold water, and eliminate waste on demand is pivotal to our sense of well-being.

How to tell if you have a blocked drain

If you have heard gurgling when you remove a plug, or if the water in your sink empties more slowly than usual, it is likely that you have a blockage. If the water backs up into your sink or toilet, or even your shower or bath, you may have a more serious blockage from your main line to your home.

How to clear a blocked drain

  1. Diagnostic work

Knowing how building sewer and drain lines are meant to be installed in aids in selecting the best method for clearing a blocked drain, pipe or sewer. The best method depends on access into the affected system, whether you are working upstream or downstream of the blockage, and whether you have direct access into the system or are working through or around a trap.

  1. Tools of the trade

Drain rods – which have plunger, scraper and retrieving head attachments – are best suited to systems with access chambers and rodding points; and for blockages caused by solids and paper catching on misaligned joins and sharp changes of direction. They are not ideal for grease and fat, or opening up tree roots.

A drain plunger may seem comical, but is effective when you are faced with a blocked toilet, sink, or shower where the blockage is within the water trap. The key is to isolate the blockage so that you avoid displacing the water up and out of lateral connections.

Drain rodding machines come in various sizes and are ideal for breaking up grease and fat local to gully pots and can be affective for retrieving tree roots. Although it is possible to hire these machines which clear blockages with their rotating drums, they are powerful beasts, and may be best left to plumbing professionals.

  1. Seek help

If you don’t feel up to the task, have time constraints, or are fazed by waste products, get in touch with Showroom Condition asap.

4 mistakes people make with home maintenance

A home is a huge investment, which is why home maintenance is so important to ensuring your investment stays in good condition. However, too many home-owners make some expensive mistakes. Here are four home maintenance mistakes to avoid.

  1. Treating everything as a DIY project
    There are definitely some things you can do yourself to maintain your home. Varnishing wooden trims and clearing gutters are just a couple of examples. But there are many things that have to be done by professionals. Sadly there are many home owners who think they will save money by doing things themselves, only to do it wrong and have to get professionals in to fix much more than what was originally needed.
  2. Going cheap on certain things
    There are certain elements of a home that need significant investment if they are to stand the test of time. If you are replacing permanent things in the home such as bathtubs and electrical systems, it’s very important that you avoid taking the cheap route. These are big jobs and cost a lot to replace, so using cheap products will only mean having to pay for replacements and repairs later on.
  3. Hiring casual workers for specialised jobs
    The problem with hiring a guy with a handwritten sign is that there is no way of knowing what his experience or expertise is. He may say that he is an electrician, but how can you know for sure? Mistakes can spell disaster, so you need to hire someone with the right experience for the job.
  4. Putting off maintenance to save money
    Letting something deteriorate too much will do the opposite of saving you money – it will end up costing you a lot more to repair when you end up finally doing it. Those repairs could even result in replacing everything, which could cost a small fortune. Set up a schedule and a budget for maintaining your home and stick to it.

If you are looking for professionals to ensure your home maintenance is done the right way, get in touch with Showroom Condition. With everything from repairs to painting, we will ensure your property investment is kept in tip-top shape. Contact us to find out more.

Tips to Get Your Home Maintenance Right

For your home to run efficiently, saving you some headache, regular home maintenance in Gauteng is a must. Leaving the issues unchecked can result to the dilapidation of your property leading to a costly situation. For this reason, taking care of the small repairs as they happen will be cheaper and more effective in the long run. Similarly, it is also important to keep to any scheduled repairs and maintenance throughout the year.

What to DIY

There are some repairs and maintenance you can handle yourself due to their simplistic and self-explanatory nature: for instance, if you have a blocked drain or toilet, a plunger can unblock it easily.

Others include changing your fire extinguisher, changing filters in your HVAC unit, checking for plumbing leaks around the home, cleaning the appliances, etc.

It is also important to know when to do these DIY projects around the home which can be made possible by keeping a schedule. If they require checking within a certain time, then put a reminder so that you do not forget.

What to leave to home maintenance pros

Some repairs and maintenance are not as easy to handle and thus require professional help. Some like inspecting your roof or electrical wiring can be dangerous and mindboggling for someone without special skills. If, for instance, you are afraid of heights and have no one to inspect the roof for you, it is best to call in the experts.

The same goes for other areas such as the septic tank, tuning the AC unit, water heater, cleaning the main drain, etc.

Keeping to your schedule comes in handy as missing things can lead to catastrophic consequences. The more complicated routine maintenance and repair mostly come annually. This makes them crucial.

Leaving the job to the pros not only keeps you safe but also guarantees the job will be done professionally. Home maintenance therefore guarantees the stability of your home as any matters arising will be attended to thus ensuring you enjoy your cocoon in peace.

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Why is waterproofing important?

Waterproofing your home seems like a very expensive and time consuming task. It is not as it seems and actually pales in comparison to the costs and renovations you will need to do if the waterproofing is not taken care of properly initially.

Living in Gauteng, where we are famous for “world-class” thunderstorms and having a leaking roof is not going to go down too well with the maintenance of your home.

If you fail to waterproof your home, there is a great chance that you will ruin your wall structures, the roofing as well as damage furniture in the home and cause dampness which will lead to mould.

Besides this ruining the aesthetics of your home, it will cost you more in repairs, and renovations at a later stage. Let’s not forget that it is not safe to live in an environment that retains moisture and mould.

Repairs and renovations in the long run:

Because of water leaks, you may need to repair walls, repaint, sort out roofing damage and purchase new furniture. Thousands of rands could be wasted if you are penny wise and pound foolish. Perhaps waterproofing doesn’t seem as daunting now as it did?

Health hazards:

Do you want to run the risk of losing the home entirely because water damage has rendered it uninhabitable? Mould can cause serious health issues for you and your family. If you have damp and mould you are more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. Damp and mould can also affect the immune system of both children and adults.

For a professional team of handymen, contact Showroom Condition today and find out more about your waterproofing requirements.

Tips to keep your hands handy…

Often times, we think that doing work around the house is going to be easy and will save us a lot in costs we deem “unnecessary”. This could be true if you have an idea of what you are doing. For the times you don’t, you should consult professional contractors. At the end of the day, your home is one of the most prized possessions in life.

Be it painting, building, paving, plumbing or electrical, it is good to have a contingency plan when you are unable to get quality handymen when you need to.

Want to try your hand at painting?

When we want to paint our homes, we envisage beautiful colours. This is important as colour makes the space functional and helps it come to life. However we forget the most important part of painting and that is the preparation of the wall. Ensure the wall has primer, as this allows a good surface to paint on and it also brings out the true colour of the paint.

Another aspect of painting your home is to consider the weather. On a hot day, the chances are that there will be humidity and moisture in the air will keep water-based paint from drying properly. Try not to do the paint projects at home in the afternoon when it is humid, or your walls are not going to come out right and you will have the frustration of doing them over or leaving them looking shoddy.

If this seems to overwhelm you, thankfully there are skilled teams of handymen who are able to do this type of work at affordable rates while ensuring quality workmanship. Contact a professional near your area to advise you on how best to move forward with home improvements.

DIY Tips for Home Maintenance

It’s a lot easier to just call a professional to come and fix any home maintenance problems in your home. Whether you do it yourself or you call the pros, it helps to have knowledge of what really goes on. Below, we share some tips you may find useful especially if you decide to do your own home maintenance.

1. Leaky Toilets

To determine whether your toilet tank is leaking, add some red food colouring to the water in the tank. Come back in about an hour and see if the water in the bowl is pink. If it is, you have a leak. Replace the flapper on the overflow tube.

2. Leaky Faucets

Faucets often leak because of worn out washers. Turn off the main water supply, replace the worn out rubber washer with a new one and screw back into place.

3. Leaky Washing Machine & Dryer Hoses

Inspect washing machine water supply and drain lines for discoloration or rust and replace them immediately if you find evidence of leaking. Inspect at least once every year and replace them every three years if they are plastic.

Professionals, such as Showroom Condition in Gauteng, can help you with tips and ideas or better still do the job for you. Contact us today for all your home maintenance needs.

Forget the headache of home maintenance for good

If you are a current home owner or are looking to become one, home maintenance is probably top of your list of concerns. We all know that maintenance costs can sneak up on you, especially when you are financially strained and unprepared and can send you into a downward spiral of exorbitant costs and debt. Worse still, you may attempt to fix the problem yourself in an effort to save money and only end up doing further damage to your home and wallet.

Thankfully, there is a totally stress free and affordable way of making home maintenance worries disappear. By investing in a home maintenance contract, you will have peace of mind knowing you are covered for anything that goes wrong in your home and will have the services of accomplished experts just a phone call away.

Benefits of home maintenance contracts

A home maintenance contract makes maintaining your home affordable as there is a set monthly fee that covers all your needs. You will never be caught unawares by unexpected maintenance worries and costs, so your monthly budget will remain intact no matter what your home throws at you.

Maintenance contracts also ensure you don’t have to deal with any of the hassles and time consuming tasks that go with home maintenance. There will be no more time wasted trailing up and down aisles in hardware stores because when you sign a maintenance contract, we ensure there will be expert handymen on hand to source everything for the job, leaving you to enjoy your free time as you please.

At Showroom Condition, we understand why maintenance contracts are necessary and we can tailor yours to suit your specific needs. There is no job too big or too small for the experts at Showroom Condition and our services include house painting, plumbing and even electrical services. For Handyman services that will never let you down, contact us today.