House vs Home

A house is a physical structure/dwelling where you live, which provides for your basic needs and safety. On the other hand, a home provides you with the mental and emotional support where you look forward to escape the outside world – a safe haven.

You can easily transform your house into a home by infusing your taste into it, thus making it a place that reflects you. This is the most important step in turning a house into a home. A home is not supposed to be an immaculate, bland canvas; it should say something about the people living there. Display your style by painting the rooms in different colours and put up photos and artwork that reflect your personality.

We know that not everyone is cut out to be a handyman, even less so a painter – that’s why we provide home painting services. Showroom Condition does not merely paint your house; we assist you to transform your house into a home.

Colour psychology

The feelings you hope to invoke in a specific room will have a major influence the choice of colours you will utilise:

  • Kitchen: whether you see it as the heart of your home or the place you make and keep food, the answers to these questions will determine the shade you paint your kitchen, be it yellow, green or grey.
  • Master bedroom: if you wish to ignite creativity and passion consider using shades of red – for a more tranquil and calm effect shades of blue will do the trick.
  • General: use yellow sparingly as an accent wall; should you decide to use yellow throughout the room, a weaker, pale shade will work. Green can bring a lot of life to a room, but keep in mind the lighting and the shade you use: too light a shade in a bright room will make things look a bit sickly. Red has a lot of strength and will make a great accent wall. However, an entire room in red may conjure images of a horror movie.

A light shade of grey is able to add a touch of elegance to any room, and will add to, but not over-shadow the colour you choose as your accent. Grey also is a neutral colour that creates a calm and clean impression. It’s great for most rooms in the house.  When you finally decide on the ambiance of a room, choose a colour that best embraces and stimulates those feelings.

We are your one stop shop providing your home painting services. For those DIY’ers – we can assist you with turning your house into a home, simply get in touch with Showroom Condition.

Go Green and Save Money

Home painting services that offer ‘going green’ alternatives are fast becoming the preferred choice for all types of home services. Not only do you get to enjoy the latest technology, but this may save you a ton of money in the long run. Eco-friendly options for electricity supply are the future and definitely a fantastic investment for any home owner.

By incorporating green technology such as energy efficient light bulbs and ceiling insulation for example, you will immediately start saving on your household’s energy consumption. By doing so you are not only saving money and making a great investment but you are also doing you part for the environment. 

How Showroom Condition help you with going green

Geyser insulation

Geysers are one of the energy consumable items that consume the most energy and results in high electricity bills at the end of every month. Geyser insulation is a low-cost green solution that will save a substantial amount on your monthly electricity bills. It is a simple method of insulating a few metres of your hot water piping as well as your geyser which retains the heat for longer, ensuring you save money.

Timer switches

You can save money by turning off you geyser. However the truth is most of us forget to do so and it becomes a futile exercise. Timer switches can do the job for you and are yet another great cost saver.

Ceiling insulation

Winter is fast approaching and heating your home can cost a fortune. Ceiling insulation eliminates heat loss and a large sum of electricity expenses as well.

Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters do require a capital investment but the rewards will soon start paying off. It usually pays for itself within three to five years and is genuinely a great investment for going green. You can save a massive 70% on your water heating electricity bill by choosing solar water heaters as an investment for your home.

Contact us to find out more about saving energy with our green solutions.

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We offer a variety of ecological friendly services for your home and are ready to assist you with Going Green. Contact us today for any Going Green queries and let us save you some money.

Home painting services have become even better

Home painting services have grown in leaps and bounds through the years. These days you can rest assured that there are actually professional painting companies who are willing to help you. The best people to team up with are those who can offer you more than one service. What better than to have a one stop shop when making your home look great. This is where Showroom Condition comes in to steal the show.

Services offered by Showroom Condition  

We have a number of things we can help you accomplish when it comes to revamping and maintaining the appearance of your home. Our team is efficient and you can rest assured that every single job is executed with excellence.

House painting services. We offer a vast array of different house painting services and can work on the following:

  • Indoor and outdoor painting
  • Natural cement painting – earth-coating specialists
  • Windows and doors – timber frame maintenance
  • Colour washing and painting techniques
  • Start to finish roof painting
  • Steel and metal house painting

Maintenance contracts. If you need assistance in maintaining your home, do not waste your weekends at a hardware store. Let Showroom Condition take over this burden with a maintenance contract.

Handyman. Even when dad swears he can do it himself, we all know that more times than not the problem will only get worse if we let him. Therefore let our team come and take the pressure off you and your family and be handy around your house.

Waterproofing. With the South African thunderstorms, a little waterproofing can prove to be a very good idea. Our team is able to come and make sure your home will not spring any unsuspected leaks throughout the rainy season.

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As our name suggests, we will ensure your house is always in tiptop condition. Contact us today and we will answer any query you may have.

Professional home painting services to suit your needs

Still procrastinating about giving your home that new coat of paint? Now is the time to invest in professional home painting services.

When you consider all the benefits that come from letting professionals take care of your painting requirements, it seems silly to go through all the effort, mess and inconvenience of painting your house yourself. Never mind the fact that due to your lack of experience and expertise, you would probably end up with a lacklustre paint job that would require professional fix-ups later anyway.

Showroom Condition paint services

At Showroom Condition, it doesn’t matter what size your house is or what surface you need painted. We will provide the right advice and source the right products to take care of business. Our services include:

  • Roof painting
  • Metal house painting
  • Timber frame maintenance
  • Cement painting, and much more.

By investing in our services, you will experience peace of mind knowing that the security of your home is not being compromised as well as the guarantee that our team will perform top quality jobs at prices that will not break the bank.

At Showroom Condition, we understand the importance of maintaining your home, so we also offer monthly maintenance contracts for all your household maintenance needs which are guaranteed to save you money and increase the value of your investment over time.

Contact us today for a quotation or more information.

Spruce Up Your Home with Our Selection of Professional Home Painting Services

When it comes to home painting, sometimes you just have to call in expert home painting services. Taking on such a project by yourself can prove to be very time and energy intensive and let’s face it – you don’t want to invest all your weekends and holiday time and end up with a shabbily painted wall! That’s why you need to seek the home painting services of Showroom Condition. We pride ourselves in being amongst the best home painters in the greater Gauteng region. Our professionalism, quality workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction guide us to ensuring that we deliver our services to your complete satisfaction!

We all agree that peeling or blistering paint on your wall is just plain unsightly. Luckily, we can fix that in a jiffy! Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the colours in your home and you’d like to switch it up with a fresh coat of paint? Leave it to our professional painters to add that rejuvenating dazzle to your home’s walls and fixtures! If you need any of the following home painting services, Showroom Condition is ready to meet your needs:

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Natural cement painting
  • Roof painting
  • Steel and metal house painting
  • Roof painting
  • Colour washing and painting techniques
  • Windows and doors’ maintenance

Houses, town houses, complexes, duplexes and flats – we’ve painted them all. What’s more, we endeavour to use the highest quality paints and materials to give you a paint job that stands the test of time and elements.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get your needs covered with our wonderful range of home painting services!