House painting? Here’s how to determine how much paint you will need

There are a number of things you should think about when you are painting your house. The planning process before you start painting is as important as the painting itself. It helps you plan how much paint you will need, which will mean last-minute running around. It also helps you avoid buying too much paint (so that you don’t overspend). With proper planning, you will also have an idea of how much work actually needs to be done.

Three factors to consider for determining how much paint you will need

  • Size of the job

The size of your house is the first thing to think of when you are about to paint. There is a big difference in the amount of paint used for a big, medium or small house. Consider the number of rooms and bathrooms and their size too if you are also doing your interior.

  • Length, width and height

How tall and wide is your house? Houses are built in different shapes and styles. A person may live in a double story two bedroom, for example. It’s a small house but its length and height give it more surface area. Knowing the exact length, width and height of your house can help you calculate just how much paint you need.

  • Doors and windows

A small percentage of the paint is used on doors and mostly the trims of doors and windows, so these things need to be taken into consideration as well. The number of doors and windows also counts when considering painting, whether you’re painting them or not.

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You may need a professional to go through the drudgework of calculating how much paint is needed for your house. Or once you’ve calculated it yourself, you’ll realise that you actually need a professional to do all of that hard work and do a great job of it. Get your house painted by a professional and get the amazing results you expect. For excellent house painting in Gauteng, Showroom Condition is your best bet. Contact us for more information and services!