Maintenance Contracts

Juggling work, attending the little one’s school plays, running errands, and attending this or the other function leaves little time for other activities at home. How many times have you put off replacing that light bulb on the patio which burned out a few months ago, fixing that leaking tap or other DIY activities?

Enter Showroom Condition with our Maintenance Contracts. Before you move away from here thinking you have landed on the wrong page…you are not about to read about maintenance court proceedingsJ. You are in the right place.

Service Plans

You and many other people take out service plan contracts for your vehicle for it to receive servicing at certain intervals. You can also have a ‘service plan’ for your house in the form of a maintenance contract. Just as a vehicle needs to have its oil changed, wheels balanced, etc., a house also needs regular servicing – Showroom Condition is the right service provider for your maintenance needs.

Benefits of Maintenance Contracts

  • when you identify an issue, which is minor, you can get someone to deal with it before it escalates into something major
  • although you might be a DIYer, having experts you can rely on helps deal with the real issues i.e. dealing with the root cause
  • time is freed to be spent on other activities
  • no more unplanned expenses – the monthly maintenance contract covers your repairs
  • You’ll be adding value to your home by keeping it in mint shape and continuously improving its appearance

Get in touch with Showroom Condition to sign up for your maintenance contract.

Choosing the right maintenance contractor

If you want to hire a maintenance contractor to do all your home repairs, you need to know which company to choose. Some companies only offer a limited amount of services and cannot meet all the demands you have.

Here is a list of tips to choosing the maintenance contractor that will best suit your needs:

  • Beware of the companies that only make their appearance when a natural disaster is about to strike. These companies are usually only after money and not keeping their clients happy.
  • Talk to people who are familiar with someone in the building industry. It is always a good idea to get a few referrals.
  • Make sure that the company you choose is registered and can operate on construction areas.
  • Ask contractors for their insurance information. If they can provide the information, they are legit.
  • Pay the contractor’s site a visit. If you can see that the jobs they are working on is of a good quality, you can rest assured that you will be in good hand once they start maintaining your home.
  • If a company makes use of subcontractors, make sure that they are licenced to work on construction.
  • Make sure that you get estimate prices before a contractor starts banging away at your home.
  • Understand the time a contractor needs in order to get a specific job done.
  • Do not pay a contractor in cash. Make sure that you do not pay a deposit that is bigger than the balance you owe after work is completed.

Maintenance contractors at Showroom Condition

Our maintenance contractors at Showroom Condition are well trained and can assist you with any maintenance job, including Plumbing services, handyman services, electrical services and building services.

Contact us today to meet our maintenance contractors.

Is a handyman maintenance contract necessary?

To most people, a handyman maintenance contract may seem a bit extreme for your home. After all, what could possibly go wrong on an ongoing basis that warrants or justifies a contract? The answer to that is: plenty.

As homeowners and landlords, we are fully aware that anything could go wrong at any time, from a crack in the wall to burst pipes that are causing serious plumbing issues. Our homes and properties are the most valuable assets to us and ensuring that they are well taken care of will increase their value. Try not to let your maintenance, or lack thereof, cause depreciation to it.

A maintenance contract is a great way to ensure that you never have to be saddled with unexpected handyman bills. Your contract will serve you in various cost effective ways:

  • No buying of spares or parts
  • No need to purchase tools
  • No callout fees for handymen
  • No waiting, as the contractors are on call, therefore alleviating the chance for household issues to get worse.

Besides being cost effective, having a handyman on call whenever you need, is ideal in ensuring that your home or property is always cared for meticulously, with the assistance of a trained, qualified, professional and experienced team.

Life happens, and you should not let the running of your home’s maintenance be a burden to you. Go out and enjoy your weekends with your family and friends, instead of having to pay the local hardware store a visit every so often and then come home and “attempt” a repair, which may take all day. Leave it to the professionals.

Save time, effort and finances and consider getting a monthly maintenance contract from Showroom Condition today.

Understanding what maintenance contracts are

When looking into taking out maintenance contracts, are you completely certain as to what they are? A little bit of clarity goes a long way especially before committing yourself to being contractually bound to something or the other. A maintenance contract is an agreed fixed fee service provided by a contractor for periodic maintenance of either buildings or equipment. This means there is an understanding between the handyman and home – or equipment – owner that on a monthly basis, things will be serviced. While people tend to think there is not enough to do in their home in order to take out such a contract, it can actually prove to be one of the most beneficial contracts of your life.

Monthly maintenance contract bliss 

Picture this, it is a glorious Saturday morning, the weather is perfect, the game is coming on later and you have the best piece of steak defrosting for the braai later. But all of this gets swooped from under you in a second when you hear “Honey, the sink is leaking.” Whatever household appliance has decided to break on this idyllic day has just derailed your entire plan. However, if you had a handyman in place with a monthly maintenance contract, you would not have to worry. Your contract will ensure that every single month your house is cared for and all the little tinkers that need to be done actually are, without getting in the way of you and the game.

Where can I get a monthly maintenance contract?

If this sounds too good to be true, think again. Such a contract can be made between you and Showroom Condition today. With a wide variety of services which we cover, you can trust that your home will be in safe hands every step of the way. Get in touch with us today and let us lend a helping hand.

Maintenance contracts- the solution for young homeowners

Buying a new home is an exciting prospect and the start of a brand new journey, but what happens when that home begins to cost you money you never budgeted for? Monthly maintenance contracts are the perfect solution for young homeowners who want to avoid being thrown into debt by unexpected home maintenance expenses and keep their home looking as good as it did on the day they made the purchase.

Many people make the mistake of thinking there is simply not enough to be done around the house to warrant a monthly maintenance contract and then are left quickly eating their words when all the little things begin to go wrong. The towel rail falls down, the cupboard door comes loose, the tiles on the floors crack and you have to waste your weekend running around hardware stores looking for parts and tools when you could have saved all that time and money by enlisting in contracted handyman services.

Benefits of monthly maintenance contracts

  • On call. Having constant access to expert handyman services whenever you need them.
  • Your budget and personal life will never have to suffer thanks to unplanned maintenance issues around the house. Predictability breeds peace of mind.
  • Maintaining value. By maintaining your home, you ensure it retains its market value and stays looking good.
  • Complete coverage. A maintenance contract can be tailored to suit your needs and cover everything from plumbing to electrical, handyman services, building and more.

At Showroom Condition, we are a tight knit team of experts who don’t mind being called to the other side of Joburg to fix your wall because we understand how important your investment is to you. We offer expert handyman services at affordable prices to help you keep your home in mint condition and take pride in our many years of experience and expertise.

To learn more about our monthly maintenance contracts and the benefits they offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Save money with monthly maintenance contracts for your home

We all know the story- it’s the end of the month, budgets are tight and low and behold, disaster strikes. The curtain rail will fall down, the pipe will burst, the walls will develop mysterious cracks and you will be forced to break the bank and increase your blood pressure by spending the better part of your weekend trying to fix the problem, but you could have saved yourself all the trouble by simply investing in a monthly maintenance contract.

It is guaranteed that property requires upkeep. After all, this is an investment and you want to keep your investment in the best possible condition. This can be done without stress and pressure and extra expense with a Showroom Condition maintenance contract tailored to your specific needs and budget requirements.

Benefits of monthly maintenance contracts

A maintenance contract is like an insurance policy for your home. For a standard monthly fee, you will be covered for any DIY disasters that may occur such as plumbing, electrical problems, building troubles and general handyman services.

When you take out a maintenance contract, you save yourself time and stress because we guarantee we will be on call whenever you need us and also insure that none of your precious time is wasted on having to source parts or any other bits and pieces – we will take care of everything.

At Showroom Condition, we pride ourselves on being transparent and honest when it comes to costs and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

For further information on our pricing policy or to request a quotation, contact us!

Maintenance Contracts from Showroom Condition

What are maintenance contracts?

Maintenance contracts are agreements in writing between a Client and a Service Provider which stipulates the terms and conditions for service delivery, including payment terms for the duration of such contract. Considering it is a legally binding document, all parties need to abide by the T’s & C’s and should ensure they have a copy for their records.

The benefits of having a service agreement

Any homeowner’s properties are regarded as valuable assets. Unforeseen circumstances can very easily arise, causing disruption and possible damages. Having a contract in place ensures you get the support you need, when you need it. These kinds of customers always receive priority treatment and reap the many advantages other regular clients do not get, such as fixed rates valid for the period of agreement and credit terms. It also creates a professional relationship and prevents future misunderstandings. 

Basic content of the contract

  • Identification of the parties – clearly identify the parties who enter into the agreement by stipulating legal names, identity numbers and contact details.
  • Purpose – states the work layout as a detailed description as well as the capacity in which it will be performed, for example: contractor.
  • Scope – a project plan for example, indicates the job steps or scope and adding it as an annexure to the document is generally accepted. It should contain a detailed breakdown of the job’s steps and completion dates.
  • Compensation – specify the payment terms, the total project value and the process for variations and additions in this section.
  • Contract representative – this section should contain the contact details for the administrator who will be dealing with queries and call outs.
  • Resolution of disputes – defines the procedure or process to resolve any disputes.
  • Signatures – the parties agree to acceptance and abiding by the terms and conditions.

Showroom Condition is a Johannesburg based Handyman company which offers a convenient maintenance service to its customers. Our affordable monthly packages will ensure your home stays in tip-top condition all year round. Contact us today to find out more about this amazing offer.

Find more time for enjoying life with maintenance contracts

As property owners, every one of us would like to ensure that our properties are kept in great condition, yet few like to get down and dirty. Maintenance contracts are a great way to ensure that your property’s upkeep and maintenance won’t be left to dwindle as the years go on. There are many benefits to these types of contracts and you can be sure that your home’s value won’t depreciate because of major maintenance issues.

Upkeep and care contracts are a popular service among many cosmopolitan homeowners who prefer not to be taxed with the upkeep of their properties. Instead, they leave it in the hands of the professionals who knows exactly what to look for. This leaves the property owner much more time to spend with the family and use free time to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are a few other reasons why so many people opt for these contract maintenance agreements

  • Unrivalled expertise: These maintenance professionals are skilled and experienced in the work that they do. Whereas you only have one property’s maintenance and upkeep to concern yourself with, these professionals work on many homes during the week.
  • Know what to look for: For many homeowners they only become aware of a problem when the signs are blaringly obvious. By this time the drain is overflowing, the roof is caving in from excess water from a burst pipe or the geyser is falling out of the roof. These professionals know what to look for even when you don’t and will stay one step ahead of any possible problems.

If you are looking for affordable maintenance agreements to help keep your property in great working condition, contact Showroom Conditions to learn more about our value-adding services today.

Save money on home repair with maintenance contracts from Showroom Condition

When you hear the term “maintenance contract” you probably think about a landscaping company or a pool service, but did you know that Showroom Condition specialises in monthly maintenance contracts for home repairs? That’s right, whether it’s a cracked tile, a loose doorknob, or the paint on the walls needs a little touch-up, our maintenance contract covers it all. We are proud to offer our customers in Gauteng professional, personalised service when they need it and rather than spending your nights and weekends queuing at the hardware shop, just pick up the phone and call us!

Why invest in a maintenance contract from Showroom Condition?

  • You won’t incur unexpected monthly expenses due to unforeseen home repairs. If you’re on a set budget then a maintenance contract is the perfect way to keep your spending under control. Our contracts cover repairs both large and small.
  • We’re on call whenever you need us. If disaster strikes the day before you’re expecting house guests, or the toilet stops working just hours before a dinner party, don’t stress. Just call us!
  • You’ll be keeping your home in top condition, adding to its value and beauty.

Any homeowner knows that unexpected repairs pop up all the time, so if you don’t think you’ll have enough repairs to justify investing in a maintenance contract then think again. Whether it’s a small crack in your wall or a more urgent matter like blown electrical fuse boxes, our team of professionals is always on call and ready to help.

If you’d like more information about the variety of home repair services we offer or if you’re ready to sign up for a maintenance contract please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Avoid unexpected handyman costs with a monthly maintenance contract

Burst pipes, cracked tiles, clogged gutters, broken windows… the list goes on. Taking out a maintenance contract can make dealing with these unforeseen costs a lot easier.

Unlike paying off your car, or paying you children’s’ school fees, these expenses can’t be budgeted. Murphy’s Law also seems to apply to house maintenance – they week your geyser bursts is the week you’ll have to replace air-conditioning filter.

Even though minor repairs like these aren’t extremely expensive, the costs add up and it’s hard to budget for these unexpected costs, especially when you’re on a pretty tight budget as it is. With petrol and food costs soaring, it’s not surprising that many people are signing up for maintenance contracts.

Entering into a maintenance contract helps you to budget for these repair costs, while also enabling you to constantly improve the condition of your home. It also saves you heaps of time because a professional and experienced handyman can take care of your house repairs while you enjoy time with your family. Of course, getting a professional to manage your home repairs also means you won’t end up with plaster and chipped paint all over your wall when you want a new plug fitted.

Taking out a maintenance contract means you won’t have to worry about:

  • Burst pipes
  • Broken windows
  • Cracked tiles
  • Hanging curtain rails
  • Clogged gutters
  • Chipping paint
  • Hanging paintings

Of course, we can do a lot more than just these repairs and if I can’t work what you need into your contract, I can still probably give you a good quote for whatever it is.

If you want to enjoy piece of mind with benefits including being able avoid unplanned expenses, constantly improve your house and to call on a handyman whenever you need us, get a monthly maintenance contract from Showroom Condition.