Three of the most common home maintenance problems

Your home is likely your biggest investment, and maintaining it is a time-consuming but very necessary job. When you purchase your first home, you are probably unaware of the various features are likely to give you trouble, so here’s a list of the top three common home maintenance issues:

  1. Peeling paint. A newly painted house looks great, but exposure to sun and rain will eventually cause your paint to peel. Not only does peeling paint look shabby, it can be harmful if you breathe in the dust. If you notice peeling paint, contact a painter to re-do the job.
  2. Draughty doors and windows. If you feel a sudden breeze in your house when it should be all closed up you may have window or door seals that have deteriorated and are letting outside air seep into your home. This usually isn’t a problem during the warmer summer months, but when winter is on its way it is something that needs attention.
  3. Roof damage. Storms, leaks and debris can all damage your roof and can be the start of some serious problems if it isn’t fixed early on. Your roof should be checked regularly and if you see any missing tiles or water damage, you need to have it looked at right away to prevent any small issues from becoming a big one.

So, to keep your home looking great and functioning well, you need to keep an eye out for anything that can become a large and expensive maintenance issue. If you need some help keeping up with your home maintenance, contact us today for friendly, professional service.