Handyman tips: 5 essential tools for your toolbox on a budget

Whether it’s a nail in the wall or a leak in the sink, every home owner needs a few handy tools around the house. If you are unsure where to start, here is Handyman Gauteng’s list of five basic essentials every toolbox should have that won’t break the bank:

Screwdriver set – Need to open a paint lid, or perhaps open a child-proof battery compartment, screwdrivers are a must. Make sure you get ones that are comfortable to hold and have a magnetic tip. For even less strain on your wrist, consider a ratchet screwdriver.

Claw hammer – Do you need to hang a picture frame, or pull out old (or bent) nails? Your toolbox would not be complete without a hammer. Look for ones with a rubber or plastic handle for a better grip and to absorb shock.

Tape measure – No matter how good you think your eyes are, everyone knows you need to measure twice so that you can cut once. A tape measure is your key to a professional finish. Fun fact: the wider the tape measure the easier it is to use with one hand.

Adjustable wrench – You don’t need a set of wrenches, one will do. Use this for tightening nuts and bolts of varying sizes and also for loosening plumbing fixtures. For large projects where you will be tightening and loosening countless nuts and bolts, invest in a socket wrench set with a ratchet handle. Life will be so much easier.

Pliers – Look out for locking, adjustable pliers as they are extremely versatile and can be used for gripping, clamping and wire cutting. For more detailed gripping work, like fixing jewellery, invest in needle-nose pliers.

Whether you’re a rookie or an expert, these tools will see you through countless jobs around the home. However if the task requires professional handling contact our handyman in Gauteng today.

Home improvements made easy with the right tools

There are many ways for us to make our homes aesthetically pleasing, but we must consider price, availability of material as well as functionality. Fortunately there are many ways in which home improvements can be done that don’t require you to bust the bank.

Small changes can be made to relieve the burden of a large renovation. Here are a few ideas to get your initial revamp started:

All handymen need knowledge of their working areas, whether it be painting, plumbing, paving, building or electrical work. With this comes the use of the right tools. Knowing which tools to purchase will ensure you do the job correctly and get the process running efficiently.

Your toolbox:

A sturdy toolbox with adequate space is vital. Ensure you get a toolbox which is compartmentalised so that you can find tools easily.

A claw hammer:

A claw hammer has two main functions which make life easier for the user. It is used to both apply nails as well as remove them by using the claw end.

A wrench:

A wrench can be an absolute life saver. The adjustment feature on it allows you to tighten and loosen various types of nuts and bolts.


A combination plier is great for removing nails. It allows for a solid grip so that you can avoid injuries.


A flashlight is great for those little nooks and crannies, especially when plumbing behind cupboards and sinks, to keep you aware of your surrounding when beginning work around the house.


A flat and star screwdriver, preferably adjustable and interchangeable, so you always prepared to screw clamps and hinges.

There are more tools which can be purchased, but they may not be accessible due to availability or affordability. These fundamental tools can take care of small jobs around the house, for bigger projects, it is advisable to contact the professionals, as they are best equipped.