Why a handyman service in Gauteng is a household must-have

It’s not uncommon to see to see flyers and posters for handyman services in Gauteng. While many people associate this type of service with household remodelling or new developments, a handyman can actually help you with a number of other services as well.

Services can be provided by independent operators or franchise businesses. Even if a handyman is running a business independently, they will often have a team of workers as well as suppliers, so that they are able to get the job done with the professionalism that home owners require.

One of the main benefits of hiring a handyman is the fact that you can get many services under one roof. Instead of hiring an individual painter, tiling company or waterproofing company, rather partner with a handyman company that can take care of everything themselves. The advantage of this is:

  • Save time: Some projects can run simultaneously to one another, while some projects need to be completed before another one can start. When you’ve got one handyman company working on the jobs, they can plan the project so that it saves time and causes the least amount of disturbance in your home.
  • Safer alternative: Larger DIY projects (that need to be completed over the course of a few days) could mean that you will have to let many strangers in your home. If you hire a handyman company that is owner-managed, then you can rest assured that the people will have undergone a proper screening check before they’ve been hired.
  • Save money: Outsourcing different parts of a project to different professionals can be costly. When you hire a handyman, they’ll give you a transparent cost breakdown of labour, supplies (and anything else that will be needed) before they start the job.

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