Your handyman checklist for autumn: take care of these things

Autumn is in full-swing and we’re well on our way to winter. As a handyman in Johannesburg, Nick da Silva – the owner of Showroom Condition – I often give friends and family advise on what needs to be checked before we start hibernating in our homes for the few cold Joburg months.

Whether you’re planning on remodelling, a few DIY repairs or just want to make sure everything is in working order for the winter, here’s some advice:

  • Insulation installations: Electricity prices continue to rise. If you want to reduce the amount you spend on heating during the winter, it’s time to install insulation in your ceiling and / or walls. This can make a huge difference to the temperature – and your comfort levels – inside the home.
  • Check windows and doors: Ever noticed how nobody wants to sit on the couch closest to the window? A handyman can come and check if your doors or windows to make sure there isn’t any damage or drafts that could have you leaping for the heater or an extra sweater.
  • Gutter cleaning: As the leaves start to fall, they often become clogged in gutters. Cleaning out a gutter may not sound like a big job, but it can take up the better part of your Saturday if you don’t have a long ladder and a ballerina’s sense of balance to stand on the ladder and get into all the nooks and crannies in your roof gutter. This is another job that can be outsourced to a handyman.
  • Check your smoke detectors: It’s not hard to see why household fires are more prevalent during the winter. Whether you’re into making soup or hanging out in front of your fireplace, these could all lead to a potential fire. Get a handyman to come and check your smoke detectors this autumn.

Make sure you’re ready for winter by contacting Showroom Condition! Our handyman in Johannesburg is ready to help you!