Tips for DIY Home Electrical Wiring

Even with years of experience in wiring, a few more tips can be helpful. This will help you wire better, faster and neater. Below are some handyman tips and techniques to consider:

  1. Uncoil cables without kinks

Pull the end of the cable from the centre of the coil. Lift a handful of coils and toss them on the floor to unwind. Walk along the unwounded cable straightening it.

  1. Pack electrical boxes neatly

The secret to achieving that neat electrical box is in neatly folding the wires and packing them carefully into the box. Start with the pigtail wires. Fold them neatly and tie them together. Then, stack them to the back of the box leaving the pigtail out.

Next, fold the neutral wires, tie them together and pack them in the box. Leave the hot wire long and fold it across the bottom of the box. Make sure to put a connector cap on the hot wire for easy identification. This method of packing gives you a neat outlook and enough space for switches.

  1. Identify the wires

Make sure you the identify wires as you install them. Identify a coding method which identifies wires. There are numerous home improvement apps for ‘DIYers’ which you could use to save your coding system. Coding is a better system in comparison to labelling.

  1. Test wires without touching

It is important that the power remains off during the wiring process. A non-contact voltage detector can be used to detect live wires. Before using it to test, use it on a cord you are certain is live to ensure the detector is working. Now, you can use the detector to test every wire in the electrical box to ensure they are off.

For any questions or if you need handyman services, contact us. We will help you with your wiring work.

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