Tips for house painting in the summer

House painting is one of my favourite jobs – not because it’s easy or quick to do, but because the effect of the improvement is noticeable immediately. January is a popular time to upgrade homes seeing as many people are still on holiday (and the New Year generally instils in us a need to revamp, revitalise and upgrade our surroundings).

January, however, can be one of the hottest months in Gauteng. If you’re embarking on a house painting job this month then there are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose proper paint

I know the age-old tip of “choose high quality paint” has been blogged about over and over again, but it’s worth repeating. Low quality paint can dry too quickly during the heat and this can leave lap marks on your wall. Your new paint job will be spoiled if there are noticeable dark and light patches overlapping each other, so make sure you ask your paint supplier about this when choosing an exterior house paint for your home.

Don’t paint on super sunny days

Painting when the sun is out makes sense to the layman, but if you’ve painted a few homes you will know that very high temperatures and direct sunlight can cause the paint to dry before it has properly adhered to the wall. These adhesion issues cause paint to peel and it can also leave noticeable brush marks.

Prepare yourself and your team

Make sure everyone has sunscreen, a hat and stays hydrated throughout the day.

House painting is a big job. If you don’t feel like taking on this mammoth task yourself, then contact Showroom Condition to come and paint your house for you.

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